All women enjoy being told that they are beautiful. I REALLY like to be told that I am beautiful. I like it so much, that when my kids were little, I trained them to say it when they wanted something. It sounded something like this. “Mom, may I have some candy?” I would then say,  “yes, but what do you say?” Then the child would say, “you’re beautiful mom!” I know that most kids were trained to say please, but I am not most moms. …………..It works fo us!

 Today, Caleb wanted me to pick him up for lunch so we could have an “off campus” lunch together. His pick for lunch was China Star Buffet (yuck). We had a great time laughing and being silly. When our meal was over the lady brought us our fortune cookies (our favorite part). I picked mine up and began to read it aloud.  “You are a very beautiful woman!”, I said. Caleb’s eyes got as big as saucers. “What? I can’t believe you got one that said that! That is so weird!” he said.I began to laugh and he soon realized that it didn’t really say that at all. He quickly grabbed his and began to read, “You are a wonderful son, but your mother is a retard, he said. Oh well, if you gotta have kids you might as well have fun with ’em!