I have been on this earth now for 47 years. That’s right, you heard it, 47! I am not ashamed of it. I don’t hide it and I don’t lie about it. As a matter of  fact I am pretty proud that I have made it this far and am still able to run circles around my younger cohorts.

I work hard. I have my own catering business and I juggle the demands of a husband and four children on a daily basis. I also volunteer  MANY hours at our church where Devin and I have been on staff for 12 years.

I am NOT old! I don’t ACT old and I don’t FEEL old! And I try real hard not to LOOK old! Can you see that this is leading to something? Let me explain.

There is a man in our church (who will remain nameless)……..well……..maybe I will give you just one little hint. His initials are Travis Rutland! Yesterday I received a “thank you” note from him  for working at our “back to school boot camp”. Sounds nice, right? WRONG!!!!! Just take a look at what he wrote:


I just wanted to write and say thank you for all your help during Back to School Boot camp. It is so great to see a woman of your age still able to get out and about. It is inspiring to all the other people around you. In fifty years, when I am your age, I hope I have half your energy. You may not be able to read this since the writing is so small but I hope one of the kids can read this into your good ear. You are the best. Thanks for all you do.

                                                                                            Travis Rutland

What you may not know about Travis is that he is handicapped. Travis was born without a filter. The average person has a filter in their head that filters out all of the trash that is rolling around in their brain. You would think that with a head as BIG as his that there would surely be a filter in there but clearly NOT! The sad part of this is that he has wonderful parents. I have met his mother and she is precious. I know that she did the best that she could with what she had to work with. A mother can only do so much!

Please know Travis that you are loved in spite of your challenges!

P.S. This is all in fun, from one “non-filtered” human to another. Love ya trav!