I am not a morning person! Let me repeat myself. I am NOT a morning person! Or to put it another way, a morning person, I am NOT! The people who live with me….my family….listen up! I am NOT a morning person! You know this about me! When I first wake up in the morning, this is the most critical time to determine how the rest of my morning will go.

For the most part, I just want to be left alone for the first
15 minutes or so. I am not asking a lot here! All I need is 15
minutes to wake up slowly, go to the bathroom, put on my robe and make me some hot tea.

I don’t want to be:

talked to
asked questions
asked to solve problems
and I don’t want to hear bad news

at least for the first 15 minutes!

This morning, I had all of these and more before I could even get out of the bed! Come on people, give me a break here!

The first thing I felt this morning was Cassady BOUNDING
into the bed beside me…..that woke me up fast…..not slowly.

Second, I had to answer a question. When Devin came out of the
bathroom and asked me, ” where is the shampoo?” (this counts as
two, a question and a problem) So I yelled to the other end of the
house and asked Cassady where the shampoo was. She had it in her bathroom. Problem solved.

Third, Caleb’s first words to me this morning were, ” mom, I have bad news.” ( do you see the pattern here?) “What is it Caleb”, I said. ” I don’t like my new shoes, I don’t like the way they look, the way the feel and my socks keep going down in side my shoe”, he said.” (this also counts as two, bad news and a problem) I am not even gonna tell you how I responded to this one.

Fourth, after I had handled all of these issues from the comfort of my own bed I finally got brave enough to get up. I went straight to the bathroom. When I was finished, I did what every person, over the age of 14 does. I reached to flush the toilet…..but there was no handle……the flusher was gone!

Let me explain.

On Sunday, I mentioned to Devin that the toilet was acting kinda funny when I tried to flush. “Something is wrong with the toilet”, I said, “can you check it”? A few minutes later he came out and said, “well, the handle is broke. I am going to Lowes to get another one.” When he got back he realized that he got the wrong size. He didn’t have time to go back so…..it never got fixed. He just took the lid off and showed me how to reach in the tank and flush it by pulling some rubber thingy! Nasty!

Now back to my morning.

When I reached for the handle, and saw that it was still not fixed, I saw red. I angrily splashed my hand in the cold water and pulled the thingy. Gross! This is way too much to handle first thing in the morning! I asked Devin when he thought the toilet might get fixed. His stupid reply was, “I kinda like flushing it from the tank, it works much better that way!” (He thinks he’s funny but he’s not!)

So to recap, within the first 5 minutes of my day, I was awakened suddenly, I answered a question, solved two problems, heard bad news and had to stick my hand in cold, toilet tank water! (the last one was not on my list but that is a given) Now I am off to make the rest of my day better.

Hope yours is wonderful!