I thought I would title todays post with a warning attached so that any male readers would be forwarned of the subject matter. It’s not bad of course……..just funny girl stuff. Any man who thinks that he is brave enough to read this is welcome, but just remember….I WARNED you!

I have dreamed of being famous since I was a little girl. I wasn’t really sure how I would achieve this fame……..I just knew that I wanted it……bad! Well something happened a few months ago that pushed me a little closer to my dreams of fame and stardom……… or so I thought. Let me explain.

A few months ago I asked a friend if she could recommend a good gynecologist. I had lived with my female problems long enough and had decided it was time to take action and find out what the problem was. She gave me the name of her doctor and I soon made an appointment. I arrived at the doctor’s office a few minutes early in order to fill out the usual paper work, then I waited anxiously, not sure of what the doctor would find. Soon the nurse came to the door and called my name. She took me straight to weigh in! I hate this part and I hate those scales. You would think that with all of the money we pay them that they could afford some accurate scales!! Anyway, she took me to my room and gave me one of those aggravatin’ gowns. “The doctor will be right in” she said. This always sends me into panic mode because I takes me forever to figure out how to put it on. What if he comes in before I’m done? Which hole is the arm hole? Is this the front or back? What the heck is this pocket for? Then, when I finally figure out which goes where, I have to tie it in the back by myself! You have to be a genius and a contortionists just to get the stupid gown on!!! It makes my blood pressure rise just thinking about it!

The doctor soon came in and introduced himself. He began to ask all of the usual questions before he started the exam. ==={elapsed time}==== After the exam was finished he began to explain what he had found. “Your uterus is huge, it is the size of a cantaloupe!”, he said. “As a matter of fact it is the biggest uterus that I have ever seen! (this is where things get a little out of control)I was shocked to say the least. Wow, the world largest uterus! This could be it! This could make me famous! I could be in the Guinness Book of Worlds Records! Or Ripley’s Believe it or not! Maybe I could have my own Branson show! I could hit the talk show circuit, David Letterman, Ellen, even Oprah! I have always wanted to be on Oprah! I wonder if the doctor will put it in a jar for me so I can take it on the road? (just kidding).

 Soon after , I found out that this same doctor had told two other women that they  had a huge uterus as well! What?! I bet he tells that to all the ladies! There goes my chance at fame! Two timer!! I thought I was special! Now I am just another woman with a giant uterus! Oh well, if not this, then something else…………fame will find me one day!