On Tuesday, Februrary 1, 2011 Verdigris, Oklahoma (and a few other places) was hit by the blizzard of all blizzards. In the last four days we have experienced the most snow on record (20 inches here), the coldest temperature on record (-8 here) and four days out of school.

As you can imagine, five people in one house for four days is a challenge. In order to keep from killing each other or eating ourselves into a coma we had to get creative and try to stay busy.

We cooked and ate, played card games and ate, watched movies and ate, played in the snow and ate, cleaned out closets and ate, cooked some more and ate some more. Dear lord! If I don’t stop eating my behind is gonna be two ax handle wide! (that’s a lot by the way) This is the way we measure in the country, by the ax handle….I don’t even want to be as wide as one ax handle!

One thing that Caleb did to keep busy was make a weapon out of a stick that he had found. (My kids have this thing about sticks) With the stick and a pocket knife in hand he sat down in the living room floor and began to whittle (and make a mess). About fifteen minutes into his project he said, “wow, this knife is the perfect knife to twittle with.” When I heard him say the word twittle instead if whittle I began to laugh out loud. Devin walked in and said, “what’s so funny?” Caleb said, ” I don’t know why she is laughing, I just said this a good twittle knife and she started to laugh.” Devin smiled and said, ” it’s not twittle….it’s whittle.” Then, with all authority, he said, “Twittle is what you do on twitter.”

Hold it! Did you catch that? This is the man who thinks social network sites are a waste of time and would never have one….and now…..he is telling Caleb about twittleing! Are you kidding me!! By now I was doubled over in laughter! “It’s not twittle ya weirdo! It’s twitter and you tweet on there not twittle……geeze!”

Do you know that man spent half the day trying to convince me that he was right! He just needs to go cut some wood or something and leave the social networking to me 🙂