Tomorrow I will wake up, stumble to the bathroom and do what people normally do in the bathroom, I will then put on some fuzzy socks, go to the kitchen, make me some hot tea and force myself to wake up. After the caffeine has kicked in, I will ask myself this question: Some days are big and some days are small, what will this day be? Then I will choose to make it a BIG day!

You know, a lot of life is what we make of it. Whether we realize it or not, daily, we choose, we decide, we exercise our God given free will, we make the choice of how we will face our day and all that it brings.

How will we handle the problems?

How will we face the giant?

How will we love the unlovable?

Who will we touch on our journey?

Where will we go for strength and direction?

Will we buckle under pressure?

How firm will we stand?

Tomorrow is the last day for me to leave a big impression on the year 2011. I choose to make it a BIG day. Not sure how or why or what will make it a BIG day….but….the most important thing is that I CHOOSE to make it all that God has planned for it to be and not one smidgen less!

I guess if I had to make a new years resolution, it would be to make each day as BIG as it can possibly be. That doesn’t mean that every day would be perfect or wonderful or even good. It just means that I can go to bed each night with little or no regret. knowing that we, me and God, did our very best with the day we had.

2011 as been a great year, but I have a feeling that 2012 is gonna be a BIG year, because with God…..ALL things are possible! Matt 19:26