This morning, when I woke up, I started my usual morning routine. I Staggered to the bathroom to do the normal bathroom stuff, after that I headed to the kitchen to pour me a hot cup of caffeine. Once the caffeine had hit my blood stream, I went outside, walked the property and soaked in all of Gods beauty, and enjoyed all of his creatures, both great and small. Then I checked for any overnite damage that may have been done by the pesky varmints both domestic and wild.

While I was in the process of checking my flowers for dryness, I walked over to check on some new transplants that I had just planted the day before in an old wooden tool chest. After planting them, I gently, but firmly, pressed the dirt around them and watered them real good. I wasn’t really expecting to find any change in them this morning, but I checked them all just the same. As I inspected one of the pots a little closer I noticed that the dirt had been dug up! It wasn’t nice and packed as I had left it the night before, it was loose and messy, but the plants had not been disturbed.

First I thought I must have been a rabbit but quickly tossed that thought aside since the plant itself had not been touched. I was puzzled. I reached down to straighten it up and press the dirt back in place. As I did this, I noticed that the dirt would not pack….seemed kinda spongy….it would just puff back up again every time I would push it down. Bazaar.

Investigating further, I poked my finger around in the dirt and dug up the guilty party.


A big, fat, warty, toad had taken shelter in my new flowers and really didn’t want to be disturbed, nevertheless, I dug him up and gently laid him on the ground. Bayle the beagle took note of the toad and chased it off into the bushes. No real harm done…he just can’t live in my flowers!

A couple of hours later, as I was walking past the plant, I noticed once again, that the dirt was messed up!! OK, I thought, the first time was cute….but now….he’s just being a pest.I don’t care if he’s one of God’s creature or not! He is not making his new home in my flowers! He was already back! In the same exact spot! That little Turd oops! I mean toad 🙂

Here he is the second time, looking a little embarrassed.

Once again, I dug him out, verbally chastised him and had Caleb move him to a totally different part of the yard!

When it was all said and done I had made peace with the toad. After all he IS one of Gods creatures!

Then God said, “let the earth produce all kinds of animal life: domestic and wild, large and small”–And it was done. Genesis 1:25 (the Good News Translation).