My goal, when writing, is to write about anything and everything that is funny or brings a smile to your face or mine….whether it’s a delicious recipe, an inspirational thought, some family funnies or one of the many messes I get myself into…anything could be blog worthy…the sky’s the limit.

Over the past two years, I have developed a small but loyal fan base. However, I have a few loyal readers that have taken their loyalty to a whole new level…not only do they READ my blog…they want to be IN my blog.

I have a strick policy. In order to make the blog…you have to do something blog worthy….something funny….something heroic. These things must happen naturally…never intentional, staged or planned, and , I will NOT be FORCED or PRESSURED to write about something or someone by cute little blond haired, blue eyed squilling girls, just because they ask me to!

BUT sometimes rules are just waiting to be broken and who better to brake those rules than ME….the owner and CEO of Bless Your Heart 😉

For months I have been badgered and bugged by two little cutie patooties….wanting me to write about them. Their names? Hanna and Emma Giddens! Every time they would see me at church or school they would would run up to me and say, “Ms. Tonya, We want to be in one of your stories…we want to make the blog! Will you write about us?” I would just smile and say, “well, you have to DO something that I can write about…then maybe you will make the cut.”

As time rocked on…they kept asking and I kept watching and waiting for something grand, funny or heroic…but nothing.

{Although there was that one inncodent where Hanna announced in front of the entire school cafeteria that I had worn the same outfit two days in a row and then some of her little no-neck-monster friends asked if I was her grandmother…then they all snickered and laughed about it…but I don’t think I’ll write about that one…I’ll just pay her back some other way 😉 }

Finally, after months of waiting, they came up with an idea. They decided to tag my car. As I was being distracted by Hanna, Emma grabbed the car paint and went to town.

I’m sexy and I know it? Boy, they’ve really got me pegged. Thanks for NOT leaving me any room to see girls!

They call me T-swag…whatever that means.

I love you too!!

I hate to tell you Emma but this wasn’t hard work….getting it off was the hard part!

They got right to the point…Blog about me!

Then they took some time to display their sibling rivalry down the side of my car…nice.

They were so proud of themselves.

Well girls, you did it. You got me good and you made the blog!

Yours Truly, T-swag (whatever that means)