As we were riding in the car this afternoon coming home from church, I reached out my hand to Cassady, for her to hold it. I do that sometimes with whoever is sitting in the passenger seat beside me. Unless of course it’s a non-family family member, then I just skip over the hand holding part because that would be kinda awkward 😉 Anyway, I put my hand out, with fingers open wide, suggesting to Cassady that I wanted her to take my hand (she knows what this means because we do it all the time) this time, however, she decided to read my palm instead!

[I thought it was kinda funny so I decided to share it with some of my all-time favorite people….YOU!]

She took my hand, slowly turned it over, and said, “let me look at your palm and tell you your future. Ah, I see you will give birth to four beautiful children. Out of your four children…

the third one will be the most beautiful of all.

The first one will be the meanest.

The fourth one will be the most aggravating

and the second one…..well….bless her heart, she don’t know!”

Just a little excerpt from, The World According To Cassady.