I was at a going away luncheon for a friend last week with some of the staff from our church. We were having a great time talking, laughing and eating with our dear friend who would be moving away soon. I thought to myself,  I would love to have a group picture to remember this special time. I didn’t have a camera with me so I asked one of the pastors, “hey, will you take a picture of us?” He said, with a puzzled look, “just take one with your iPhone”.  “I don’t have an iPhone!” I said, “If I did then I wouldn’t need you to take one for me, now would I?”

Now, if you think I sounded a little rough on the guy…..you would be right. This is a real sore subject with me because I REALLY want an iPhone but in case you haven’t heard, I am married to the worlds tightest man! He doesn’t see the need for me to have one.

Anyway, the pastor said, “you don’t have an iPhone?” (it’s not like I don’t have indoor plumbing or something!) “No!” I said, “I don’t”, then I reached into my purse ad pulled out my “vintage” razor. I found this old phone in the back of one of the kids closet in a toy box. It was Colton’s first phone, who is now 22!. When my last phone bit the dust and I wanted to get a new one, naturally, Devin didn’t want to spend money on one, so I ended up with this razor because it was free!

As the conversation continued…and grew to include the rest of the table, it was unanimous! I need an iPhone!!!!! Finally, I have people on my side, I thought, and they are all saying the same thing! Devin was sitting right beside me….he was unmoved. So I though that if I could get the backing of all of my readers that maybe he would see that I really NEED an iPhone……for the good of my blog. 🙂 So please feel free to leave a comment stating your support!

I think I have come up with a great way to pay for the phone itself. (lets just say that I am a genius) The state fair is in town this month so I thought I would set up a booth. You know how they sell tickets to see the worlds smallest pony or the two-headed chicken? People pay $5.00 a person to see that kind of stuff so I thought, why can’t I do that?

I am going to set up a booth with “The Worlds Tightest Man!” is this genius or what!  I will stand outside the booth drawing people in by saying, “ladies and gentleman step right up! Come and see, if you dare, the world tightest man!!! He does not shop, he does not spend he doesn’t use a debit card! This is a rare man indeed!” There will Devin sitting in his broken recliner holding the first dollar that he ever made! Then I will tell them that for only $3.00 more they can hear him tell them, “NO!”

This should make me enough to get my new iPhone and maybe even a new purse!

P.S.Thanks Babe for being such a good sport and for loving me no matter what!