Devin and I were up late one night watching a movie. The kids had already been in bed for an hour or so when Caleb staggered down the hall and into the living room. Devin and I both realized immediately that he was sleep walking. We didn’t want to startle him so we just sat there very quietly watching, and waiting to see what his next move would be.

 He just sort of stood there for a while scratching various parts of his body and looking blankly around the room. Devin and I began to snicker and plot our next move. After a few minutes he began to mumble to himself and stumbled toward the utility room. Still, Devin and I are watching  without saying a word and waiting to see if he might do something funny (we are weird like that) Caleb continued his sleep walking adventure until he got out of our sight. “You better go follow him!” Devin said, “he might need to pee!” So, I jumped up just like Edith Bunker did when Archie barked off his orders, and sure enough……….there he stood……peeing in the trash can!!! He stood there, releaving himself, forever! When he was finished he pulled up his boxers and began to walk away. “Wait a minute” I said, “you forgot to flush!”. With that said, he looked back at the trash, then he looked on the wall behind the trash can……he was really stumped as to where the handle was. Well, right beside the trash was the ironing board. I had some empty  hangers hanging on the side of it. He reached over and carefully tilted one of the hangers and said “there, I flushed it!” Devin and I got a big kick out of this and couldn’t wait to tell him all about it the next morning. The next day we ALL had a big laugh……even Caleb!