Many times, while driving in the car with the kids, I will ask thought provoking questions…….just trying to keep up with what’s going on with them in their every day lives.

On this particular day I asked, “who is the nicest person you know?” I was trying to find out who the “good” kids were at school and who the “not-so-good” kids were…….it’s my right as a mother to know these things :-). To my surprise, as soon as I asked the question they both answered at the same time with the same answer. “Colton!” they said. “We think bubba is the nicest person we know!”

Well, that was quick!

Cassady then said, “I have a question mom.” “Ok”, i said, “lets hear it”. “What’s your earliest memory?”, she said. That’s a pretty good question, I thought. I racked my brain and thought back….way back until I came up with my earliest memory. “well” I said, “my earliest memory is when I was about three years old. We had a pool table in the back of our house. I remember standing on a stool so I could see. I fell off the stool and busted my mouth. I can remember crying and my momma looking at it. That is my earliest memory.”

After I finished my story Cassady said, “is that how you got that scar on your lip right there?” “I don’t have a scar on my lip”, I said. “Yes you do”, she said. She leaned up to look at my lip and said, “see, its right there…oh sorry….that’s not a scar, that’s a wrinkle”.

Have I ever mentioned that Cassady is a professional button pusher?

“THANKS A LOT CASSADY!” I said, with sarcasm. “you really know how to make a girl feel good!” “Oh mom”, she said, “don’t worry, that’s just what happens when you get older.”

Like I didn’t know that already!! By now I wanted to reach back there and smack her!

“Well Cassady” I said, “there’s another thing that happens when you get old. Sometimes you can’t control your bowels and you have to wear a diaper, and……well….I choose YOU to Change my diaper!!

Having the last word…..priceless!!! 😉