I woke up bright and early this morning to the sound of foot steps on the carpet and then the sound of the back door opening. I was startled by these sounds because it was still dark outside. A few minutes later I saw Devin, in the shadows, walking back through the bed room. I asked what he was doing outside so early in the morning and he said, ” I could hear that there was another opossum stuck in the trash can, so I went outside to let him out.”  This reminded me of a funny story, it goes something like this…

[ For the remainder of the story I will be dropping the “O” from opossum because….well….it looks stupid spelled like that!]

Many years ago, when we lived in Hot Springs Arkansas, Devin was doing some “tinkering” in the garage when all of a sudden he came in and yelled for Colton and Kelsey to hurry and come see what he found. The kids were still little and he knew they would get a kick out of what he had found. I too was eager to see what was so exciting. We all rushed out to find a nasty ol’ possum in the front corner of the garage. The kids were amazed to be able to see a possum so up close and personal. He looked really gross and nasty…….like a big ol’ rat or something. He just sat there with his mouth gaped open as if he was grinning about something. So I asked Devin, “what is wrong with him? He looks like he is sick or hurt.” “He is just playin’ possum” he said. A few minutes rocked on, the kids poked at it with a stick a little bit, and still…….nothing…….just grinnin’. “How in the world are we ever gonna get him out of the corner if he won’t even move?” I asked.  Devin said, “I will just pick him up and put him out side.”

Dear Lord! I have married a possum handler and didn’t even know it!

“Wait a minute, won’t he bite you or something? This is crazy!”, I said. (now what I am about to tell you is as stupid as it is true!) He walked over and picked up that possum by the tail and spanked him on the butt three times and then put him out the garage door!!! I am not kidding! I could not believe my eyes…..and the possum just walked off!! “Why in the world did you spank him?” I asked. Then Devin said with all of his calmness and wisdom,”if you spank a possum he will never come back.” (that’s just weird)

I swear this is a true story and the possum never did come back! Maybe he needs to spank the one that keeps getting stuck in the trash can! If you ever have a possum problem, just pick it up and give it a few swats on the behind or you can just call Devin, the possum whisperer!