I was thinking today of “a little funny” that happened about a year ago. I thought I would share it with some of my favorite people in the world…..you!

Some dear friends of ours came to visit us a few months ago. We had a fantastic time. Kim and I caught up on each others lives. Devin and Todd talked about their duck hunting trips, past, present and future. We cooked, and ate, and laughed all weekend long. Perfection.

Kim and I decided we would get out of the house with the kids (I have no idea why we would do such a thing). As we were riding in the car the kids began to get a little too loud and a little too wild. In an effort to try to get a handle on things and calm them down Kim said, “don’t make me pinch your hangy-down part!” (Now, depending on your age bracket, your hangy-down part could be almost anything!) The kids began to squeal like little school girls. Caleb quickly covered himself and said, “you better not pinch it!” (I think he was going a different direction). After I gathered my composure I asked, ” what hangy-down part are you referring to?”  My mind raced, thinking of all the parts….that hang……that you wouldn’t want pinched. Kim then said with a puzzled look, “that tender skin under your arm, of course. You know, the part that hangs down?” Boy was I relieved!

This phrase has become a staple threat in the Rohr home. Anytime a kid gets smart mouthed or too big for his/her breeches, I will declare, “don’t make me pinch your hangy-down part!” The kids all run because they know I am serious and I won’t limit it to the tender skin under the arm. I JUST LOVE LIFE! (that just sort of popped out) 🙂