When my mother and I decided to go on our “girls only” road trip a few weeks ago, one thing we knew for sure, this trip would be all about US….and US only.

We did things the way WE wanted too.

We drove the way WE wanted too.

We peed as often as WE wanted too.

We ate what We wanted.

We kept the car warm the way WE like it.

And when we got lost, WE didn’t have to worry about anybody laughing at us!

After we left Richland Ms. and the car wash disaster (refer to The “girls only” road trip Vol.I) we continued with our trip to Mobile, Alabama. We had driven this trip many, many times over the years and we knew our way pretty well….for the most part….except when they change things without telling us! It happened when we were driving along that highway…you know the one…highway…. Umm…..twenty something…..the highway by that big lake and and the pretty house with the ferns hanging on the porch. We had just passed through that town that has the word “lake” in the name…you know….the one that has the little antique shop there on the left by the flower shop?

(As you can probably tell, we don’t need or want to follow conventional directions. We don’t use highway numbers or North, South, East and West and we really don’t need a map….that stuff just gets in our way! All we need are land marks!)

For fourteen hours we would take turns saying, “ok, I remember that tree, we are on the right track!”.

Don’t judge….It works for us! Most of the time.

Everything was going great until we noticed something new! A bridge, a big, new, shiny bridge off in the distance that seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere. We both said at the same time, “is that a new bridge? I don’t remember seeing that the last time we were here! How did they build that in less than a year?” We were so thrown off and amazed by the sight of this towering new bridge. We were like two cows following off a hay baler or two moths drawn towards a porch light, we just followed it until we ended up into the next little town. The problem was….we didn’t recognize anything in this town at all! Nothing looked familiar! We just kept repeating, in unison, “where are we? How did we get here? This does Not look familiar!”

We got so tickled at ourselves and our poor sense of direction that we had tears running down our face. We were so lost but we both agreed that we would NOT call Devin and ask for help….anyway…I didn’t have any way of telling him where we were! We really had no idea where we were or how we even got there. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. All I knew was, we weren’t in Kansas….at least I didn’t think we were!

Finally, after we followed that highway with a “3” in it for about twenty minutes, we decided to call mom’s cousin Rod, for help. We knew he could get us out of this mess. We also knew he would make fun of us and give us a hard time…fortunately we didn’t care what he thought…we just needed his help.

About an hour and a half later we finally began to recognize some familiar land marks…..a fruit stand……then a big tree….now we knew we were on the right track again! Thanks Rod!

Once we made it to Mobile, we had a fantastic time!!! I had dinner with old friends, coffee with an old classmate and lunch with my Uncle Johnny. I spent three days with my best friend from high school, Lynne and two days with our dear friends Diane and Allen Hayes.

It was the most perfect week!

By the end of the week it was time for us to leave our friends, family and that sweet southern comfort and head back home to Oklahoma.

Early saturday morning we packed our car and hit the road once again. As I pulled onto the highway I noticed that my really smart car was telling me that I had a low tire…..well shoot! We are not even a half a mile away and we already have trouble! I pulled into the gas station to put some air into my tire when I suddenly remembered, I didn’t know how to put air in a tire! I walked into the little Country Corner store, batted my eyes, smiled sweetly and asked if someone could please put air in my tire….it worked! I still got IT! The nice man filled my tire with air and told me to go have it checked ASAP. I smiled and said that I would….hopped in my car…and off we went. (I didn’t get it checked….we had shops to get to!)

[Fast forward about six hours]

About twenty minutes outside of Tallulah, Louisiana….you guessed it……the low tire light came on again. I called Devin to let him know about the tire and that we might be a few hours late. He began to give me some options as I listened intently. “you’re gonna have to stop in the nearest town and have it checked”, he said. If the tire can’t be fixed, you will need to get the spare tire out from the rear of the car and just throw the old tire in the back till you get home.

As I listened to what he was saying I just kept thinking to myself, clearly he hasn’t seen my car!! It was PACKED!! I was thinking, ain’t nobody gonna pull a spare tire out of THIS back end! And I won’t be just throwing the old tire in the back…..that’s for sure! My car looked like the truck in the Grapes of Wrath!! We had everything you can imagine in that car…there was not one square inch that didn’t have something important in it. I was so glad he wasn’t there to see all the junk we had picked up along the way……he would have had a fit (that’s why it a “girls only” road trip) Here is a run down of what was in the car.

5 beautiful, huge ferns…..YES FERNS!
6 Coleus plants
12 pounds of raw peanuts…..for boiling!
20 pounds of fresh sweet potatoes….for eating!
4 pounds of deer sausage…. It was a gift!
20 pounds of White Lilly flour……it makes the best biscuits!
11 pounds Conecuh sausage…a southern favorite!
2 cans of Steen’s cane syrup….couldn’t come back without it!
5 pounds of Vadilia onions
10 bags of Easter grass…you can never have too much Easter grass!
2 lamp shades…not sure what those were for.
And an entire shopping cart full of stuff my mom and Aunt Evelyn bought for $5.00 at a store called Dirt Cheap.
This is not counting all of our luggage and snacks!

Needless to say, there will be no spare tire used this day because I wasn’t about to unload our prize possessions!

As we pulled into a tire shop on a back road of Tallulah, Louisiana I began to realize that we stood out like a sore thumb…we looked like out-of-towners for sure.

When we pulled up, there were about fifteen men just sitting around the tire shop shootin’ the breeze. They looked at us like the circus had come to town! I hopped out and explained my dilemma….all the while my momma was in the car Jesus-ing…. Praying that they wouldn’t knock us in the head and steal our ferns!!

The man listened to my problem and directed me to an empty bay. As soon as he put it up on the jack we could hear the air rushing out of the hole in the tire!! A few minutes later he yelled, “two nails ma’am!” So glad we stopped when we did! The man told us that we could wait inside if we wanted…so we went in to the boar’s den to wait. We sat amongst the dirty couches, smelly tires, dozens of deer heads on the wall and a spider crawling across the floor that was as big as my face!

$27.50 and thirty minutes later we were on the road again, no worse for the wear. The last part of our trip was much like the first…..filled with laughter, stories, snacks, loud music and frequent stops.

After it was all said and done, there were two things we knew for sure, we love each other dearly and a “girls only” road trip is good medicine for the soul!

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