On Sunday afternoon , Devin and I had some time to ourselves. Let me just say, this NEVER happens! We always have a full house with plenty of drama, but today………it was just he and I. We began to talk about some things that needed to be done around the house and in the yard……you know….honey do’s. After a few minutes we decided to go to Lowes and scout out some ideas and prices.

As we walked around the store my brain went crazy with creative ideas. I wanted to buy everything I saw but I had the Worlds Tightest Man with me, with his ever watchful eye on me at all times. I was like an outlaw, sweat on my brow, finger on the trigger ready to blow some money and Devin was the sheriff trying to keep law and order. Finally, after much looking, we made “one” $23.00 purchase…..and that was it! That man really hates to spend money!

As we were driving off the parking lot we decided to go get some burgers from Mc Donalds. When we approached the drive up window Devin stated, “I am ONLY buying the dollar burgers…..and only ONE for each of us”. I just laughed at him and said, “boy, you are a piece of work……you know that?”

What I didn’t know was his plan to feed us all for just $6.00 and some change, because that was all he had in his pocket. When the lady asked him for his order he said, “I want to order off of your dollar menu….” (I was thinking to myself, first of all, she don’t care if you order off the dollar menu or not. Second of all, if you are a tight wad you don’t need to announce it over the loud speaker!!)

He said, “I want two dollar chicken sandwiches and four double cheese burgers…..that’s all.” The lady then said, “that will be $7.35, drive around to the first window.” As soon as he heard the amount he began to mumble to himself….questioning the little girls adding. He said, “that can’t be right…..I ordered only dollar burgers! “Devin”, I said, “good Lord! It’s not that big of a deal! Anyway, you ordered the double cheese burger which is $1.22 instead of the Mc double which is a $1.00….you ordered the wrong thing”. He dug around for another dollar and paid for our food. When we got to the second window, to pick up our burgers he eyeballed a Big Mack. “Man, I havent had a Big Mack in a long time”, he said, “I would love to have one of those”. I just looked at him, rolled my eyes, and said, ” why didn’t you just get one, if you want one?” ( he is really driving me crazy by now) ” no, they cost too much”, he said, “I bet those things are $3.00!”

I just sat there, in disbelief, looking at the worlds tightest man with my mouth gapped open….speechless. He looked at me with a smile and said, “one of these days you’re gonna knock me in the head, take my money and spend it all….aren’t you?” “When you are gone”, I said, ” I am gonna have a blast spending my inheritance! I already have a purse picked out!”

He sat there, pondered a moment, then said, “I will have it written in my will that there will be an executor to the estate, to make sure that my money is spent wisely …..and that person will only give you a little money at a time so you don’t spend it all in one place.”

There he goes again! Raining on my parade……fun sucker!