Well, some of you have been asking about my chickens. Readers have asked how the hen house is comin’ along, they’ve asked if I have changed my mind or if we’ve put it on hold. I’ve even had one person accuse me of making the whole thing up!

Well, to answer your questions…the hen house is finished; no, I have not changed my mind or put anything on hold; and this is absolutely NOT a hoax! I know, I know….I haven’t written in a while…and to tell you the truth, it has almost driven me crazy not being able to keep you updated….I have no excuses for not writing, other than life in general just taking over! Anyway…I want to fill you in on what’s been going on down Rohr Rd.

After cleaning out an old existing building to make way for the hen house (read Chicken Coop Day #1 #2 #3) and then cleaning out all of the junk and brush in preparation for the chicken yard (read A Hen House Update), it was time to put up the fence around the yard. This is Devin and Caleb setting the fence posts. Two of my favorite men hard at work.
Now you tell me…what chicken wouldn’t be proud to live on this beautiful piece of land!

I never knew setting posts was such a tedious job. I thought you just dug a hole, stuck a stick in the ground and packed the dirt back around it…..but Noooo….there is MUCH more to it! Surveying had to be done, orange strings were stretched the length of the yard, posts had to be straight and plum….you get the idea…it was a BIG deal to say the least.
Here they are making sure the bubble is in the middle 😉
See. Perfect!
This is my favorite hen house builder. He’s a stud muffin 😉

After the posts were





With the bubble in the middle

It was time to put up the fencing.
See this? This is chain link fence. See those two sets of legs over to the right? They can’t put up this chain link fence by themselves! They need mine and Cassady’s help! What took place next was a comedy of errors…let’s just say there was some yelling (me), some laughing (me again), a few raw nerves (Mr Wonderful) and a really big learning curve. Poor Devin…it was like working with the three stooges!
After the blood sweat and tears…we finally got it up!

After all four sides of fence was up and secure, Mr. Wonderful surprised me with my most favoritist part…the highlight…the crowning touch…the chicken yard gates! He made me two of the most wonderful gates I have ever seen…I know…I’m weird, but just look at them and see for yourself!

This is the front gate. Made from old scrap wood and a piece of rusty fence. It looks like its been here for 60 years…it’s perfect!

This is the back gate. I wanted a wooden gate and this is what he created! When he informed me that it wasn’t finished yet…he needed to even up the top…I protested loudly and asked him to leave it be! I love the fact that it’s perfectly imperfect! Just like me 😉

I am one happy girl! A hen house. A chicken yard. A front gate. A back gate. There’s only one thing left! Stay tuned!