In previous posts I have written about my love for antique and vintage treasures. My love and appreciation for all things old, coupled along with my marriage to the worlds tightest man has forced me, out of necessity, into the role of the “desperate decorator”.

Last week I made my annual pilgrimage, with some of my dearest friends, to War Eagle. What is War Eagle you ask? Well, basically it’s a huge craft show that is held every year in northwest Arkansas. It started way back in 1954 so crafters could exhibit and sell their wares. Today, 57 years later, it is still a place for crafters to showcase their talents but now includes hundreds of venders selling everything from jewelry to cleaning products. This must see event draws in hundreds of thousands of shoppers and fellow crafters each year.

This year their were thirteen of us War Eagle lovers that made the beloved road trip to War Eagle Mills. Here we are, eating again!

I don’t really go for the crafts. I go for the fun, the laughter, the food and the awesome antique shops. My friends all know that we have to stop at the designated flea markets and antique shops along the way. While I am on a serious hunt for the things that are on my list, they are walking up and down the isles laughing, trying on old hats and making fun of some of the stuff that I come out with that they call junk. In other words….we have a blast!!!

This year I had two specific items on my list. The list included, but was not limited to, an old, brown, perfectly square suitcase and two wooden chairs for my breakfast nook.

This is one of my all time favorite places, True Treasures! It’s where I found the first thing on my list, my chairs! Solid oak and only $70.00 for the pair!
I always find true treasures here!

Here they are in their new home with a fresh coat of paint! They are exactly what I was looking for!

Next on the list…..the suitcase! We had a fun time looking for the perfect one. For me, this is like a treasure hunt, and when I find what I’m looking for, its shows all over my face! I’m like a kid in the candy shop! What’s the suitcase for you ask? Well, I had Mr. Handyman Devin to make a coffee table out of it.

Here’s the finished product! Isn’t it wonderful?? And it only cost me $10.00! Devin gets what he wants (saving money) and I get what I want (a one of a kind coffee table) it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

A few other treasures I picked up along the way…

Two hand mirrors to add to my half bath.

And of course a new cake plate!

Over all it was the perfect trip. Great friends, wonderful food, big laughs, and lots of fun. Can’t wait for next year!