As I have stated in earlier posts, our hen house has been around for many years…long before Mr. wonderful and I were even thought of. I absolutely love the fact that Granny and Grandad Rohr raised their chickens in the same place, in the same hen house, that I am raising mine.

This is a shot of the hen house from inside the chicken yard. As you can tell…it’s gone pretty much untouched for about 60 years. When my mom came by last week to see the chickens she stopped to admire the old cook pan hanging on the wall, she said, “oh that’s a cute idea, to hang that old pan on the wall, where did you find it?” “That’s been hanging right there in that spot for years”, I said, “it’s just like granny left it.”

This is one of my favorite parts of the hen house, their little door in and out of the house. The old paint can lid there on the right is what Granny used to cover the door and the brick to the right is used to hold it shut.

As you can tell, we’re pretty high tech around here 😉 You wanna know how how high tech we really are (not)? Let me tell you a funny little story.
See this ol’ girl? This is Anna…I think…they all look alike…anyway I REALLY wanted to catch Anna and hold her for a little while. When we first got them they were pretty easy to catch, but after a few days of “catching” they decided they didn’t want to be caught anymore so they picked up their speed!

It was just Devin and I in the yard. He was puttering around doing something while I, ever so carefully, stealth like, with my Jedi like reflexes, tried to put the seek on the ol’ hen. I tried once….she got away. I tried again…she got away. I tried again…getting ever so close…and…once again she got away! This is so aggrivating I thought. I caught one a few days ago with ease and now I’m working up a sweat and they’re escaping with ease!

I’m beginning to think it’s a game with them. I can just imagine them snickering to each other and making crude comments about my chicken catchin’ form…or the lack there of. I tried pinning her in a corner…she slipped right past me. I even tried chasing her…that was just plum stupid. Unbeknowenced to me, Mr. wonderful had been watching me struggle to catch this, now stupid, chicken. By now I’m sweating, out of breath and border line crabby! In frustration I turned to make my way back to my chicken watching chair (yes there is such a thing) when I noticed Mr.Wonderful walking up to the side of the hen house where the old cook pan was hanging….he reached up and grabbed something and walked over to the ol’ hen. “what are you doing?” I asked….he didn’t answer…he just kept walking. “what is that thing in your hand?” I asked…still no answer (it drives me crazy when he won’t answer by the way!) Finally I raised my voice ever so slightly and said, “L.D.!” (that’s what I call him when I want his attention) “what are you doing and what is that thing in your hand?” about that time I heard that old’ hen cackle and squawk and flap around like a mad wet hen….when he turned around, he had her safely in his arms!

“How in the world did you catch her and what in the heck is that thing in your hands?” He just grinned and showed me the “thing”. “oh my gosh! Is that a chicken catcher?” I said with amazement. “yep” he said, “it’s a chicken catcher” I stood there, awestruck and said “you have got to be kidding me….that’s really what that’s for? “yep” he said. How long has that been hanging up there?” I said. “oh, many, many years”, he said, “as long as I can remember.” see it hanging right there to the right of the pan?

I took it from his hands and realized that it was nothing more that a long piece of heavy gage wire with a crook at the end of it. And an old piece of water hose for the handle…pure genius!

When ready to catch a chicken…for whatever reason…you simply hook that wire around their leg and gently reel them in.sweet success!

Well, I learned something new today. There is a such a thing as a chicken catcher…and…if its good enough for granny…it’s good enough for me 😉