I think the summer of 2011 might go down in the record books as the hottest and driest summer in recent memory…at least in Oklahoma anyway! It’s only July the sixth and we have already hit the 106 degree mark. Not only is it hot as blue blazes it’s also dry as a bone! Typical Oklahoma weather.

Since we are in the throws of summer, I thought it fittin’ to feature the letter “W” for watermelon! Nothing says summer like a good ol’ juicy watermelon!

I can remember as a kid, growing up in southern Alabama, seeing loads of huge, beautiful, home grown watermelons for sale on the side of the road. By the end of the summer I think there must have been more watermelons than there were people because they were practically giving them away. I remember them being sold by the pick up truck load for 25 cents a piece! I also have fond memories of spending the summer at my Aunt Sammy’s and Uncle Mock working in his garden. He would bring back a watermelon and cut it right then and there…. on the porch….precious memories.

This summer, for our fourth of July celebration, I stopped by a roadside stand to buy a watermelon. I hopped out of the car, money in hand, ready to make my purchase when I saw them, beautiful green watermelons. “How much are your watermelons?”, I asked, “the lady pointed to the cardboard sign and said, “$5.99 ma’am”, I about dropped my teeth! $6.00 for a watermelon? What is this world coming too? Well, against my better judgement (or Devin’s), I bought the biggest one I could find and took it home to cut. I couldn’t wait to put it on the front porch and cut it while all the kids watched and waited anxiously to bite into a big ol’ slice of watermelon…kinda like a Norman Rockwell painting…can’t you just see it? Each kid with a slice all their own…eating it right down to the rind! And for me…I like to use a spoon and carve perfect circles right out of the middle….where it’s the sweetest…it’s just what I like to do…after all it is MY watermelon 😉

Well, later that day, while I was gone, Devin took my watermelon and cut it…without my permission….in the house…not on the porch with the kids all around…in the house!!! Then he cut it into little cubes….no wedges….no slices…..just cubes! Then he put it in a big, blue bowl and stuck it in the refrigerator! Kelsey saw what was happening and said, “I don’t think mom is gonna be real happy with that.” “with what?” he asked. “With you cutting the watermelon without her” , she said, “I think she wanted to cut it on the porch with the kids…” “No no”, he said, ” we don’t want to do it like that…..we want it in cold, bite sized cubes….that’s the best way!” (I swear we are like night and day!) when I got home from the store, Devin said, “I got the watermelon cut up and in the refrigerator for ya! I looked at Kelsey, she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “I told him you wouldn’t be happy”. You already cut it without me?”, I asked. “I wanted to do it on the front porch and….have wedges….and make perfect circles with my spoon…!” “oh no”, he said, “you don’t want it outside with the flies, do ya? And you don’t eat watermelon right outta the middle with a spoon either! You cut it in nice little cubes and stick them in the refrigerator so it will be cold!” I just rolled my eyes at Kelsey and thought, he wants cubes and I want circles….NEWS FLASH!….we are totally opposite! I walked over the the refrigerator to assess the damage. There it was. A big, blue, plastic bowl full of watermelon cubes, I couldn’t believe it! There goes my Norman Rockwell moment! There goes my circles! Wait a minute….right behind the big blue bowl was the other half of the melon…not sliced….not cubed! It was the perfect piece for me to make my perfect circles right out of the middle!

In the end, everybody was happy. We both got what we wanted. Sure, we thought each others idea was pretty dumb, but that’s what marriage is all about…taking the good with the dumb, loving each other no matter what and compromising.

Delicious watermelon. One more thing off my summertime bucket list! Now, how about you? What’s on your summertime bucket list? Make it happen and enjoy your summer!