Devin and I have four children. Two of which are girls and two are boys. Colton is now 21 and married. Caleb is ten years younger than Colton making him eleven (just in case you’re not good with math). When Colton was seventeen or so he bought himself a B.B. pistol, the kind with the CO2 cartridge which gives it much more power so that you can do much more damage!

When Colton married, he naturally emptied out his room and took all of his toys with him. Everything except that CO2 pistol. Well, you can probably tell where this story is heading.

After a big family get together at our house for Thanksgiving, an older cousin stayed over and spent the night. He brought a CO2 pistol with him that was just like Colton’s. When Caleb saw this his eyes lit up with excitement. He ran to the closet and dug out Colton’s old gun and said “Mom can we go shoot guns?” I quickly turned around and said “where did you get that?” “It was Colton’s, he left it here so now it is mine.”

Devin of course was not  home, neither was Colton, therefore I couldn’t ask if the  gun was safe enough for him to play with, so as a full blood female not knowing ANYTHING about guns I shrugged my shoulders and said “yeah, I guess”. This is where the drama begins.

Caleb and his cousin went out to the pond to shoot at anything that moved, that’s what boys do…….they shoot things. Soon after, they changed targets and began to shoot into the pond just to see how big of a ripple it would make, I guess (I stopped trying to figure out boys). Well ,when his older cousin ran out of B.B.’s he started shooting into his hand, with the now empty gun, just to feel the air shooting into the palm of his hand. This apparently looked like a good idea to Caleb so, as soon as he thought he was out of B.B.’s too, he immediately shot himself in the hand at point-blank range! Instantly he knew that this felt like more than just air, but when the B.B. went in, the skin just closed up right back around where it entered, leaving nothing but a little red blood blister.

He knew that he would be in big trouble  if his dad ever found out that he was so careless with a gun. From the time my boys were little, their Dad has stressed and taught gun safety at all costs. Clearly, shooting yourself in the hand is not exercising gun safety! Caleb”s first words as he ran into the kitchen were “I’m fine mom!!!!! I am fine!!! Don’t panic! Please promise that you wont tell dad!!!” Not knowing what all the commotion was all about or why I was being begged not to tell his dad, I asked, “Dont tell dad what?” Caleb frantically replied “I shot myself in the hand, it was an accident! Dad is gonna kill me!”

I began to wash his hand and assess the damage before Devin got home. After Caleb calmed down I convinced him that his dad wasn’t gonna kill him and that we needed him to look at it to make sure that the B.B. wasn’t still in there. Needless to say Devin didn’t kill him but he was very disappointed at Caleb’s careless behavior.

To make a long story short, the B.B. was  in there, proven by a set of X-rays at the emergency room! When the doctor came in to the room with the films he explained to us that the B.B was lodged deep between his third and fourth knuckle. The B.B. was surrounded by sensitive nerve endings and would require surgery to get it out safely! Surgery! Now Devin WAS mad. “This is gonna cost me a bundle!” he said. In case you didn’t know, I am married to the worlds tightest man!!! He then proceeds to ask the doctor if we can just leave the B.B. in there and not have to pay for surgery!!! Can you believe that?? Then the doctor says yes!!! Are all men the same or what?? “Yes” said the doctor,”it will be fine to leave it in there but it will give him real problems when he gets in his thirties or forties”. “Good” Devin said, “we will wait until he turns thirty then HE can pay to have it cut out!” Can you believe he would let his little boy suffer just to save money?

Needless to say I threw a hissy  fit. We did have surgery to remove the B.B. It now sits in a special place in our home as the $3,500 B.B.

Now that I think about it we could have taken the entire family on a cruise with that money. Or I could have gotten a REALLY nice purse!