About three months ago I made some big changes in the way I eat. I did this for two reasons.

1. To feel better

2. To loose weight

I haven’t made a big deal about it….I just changed some things and waited to see if I could see a difference. Well, as time rock on I did feel better and I lost a few pounds to boot but I didn’t think anyone noticed……until the other night.

We all sat down the other night for our family dinner. We had smothered chicken breast, green beans and salad with sweet tea of course. I pulled up my chair at my usual place right beside Caleb and began to fill my plate. I forgot napkins so I got up, grabbed a few and went back to my seat. A few seconds later Caleb look at me with those big brown eyes and said, in all seriousness, “mom, you’ve been doing real good on your diet. I can tell it’s working.” I was kinda surprised and puzzled by his comment so I said, “well thank you baby! What made you think of that?” “well”, he said, “I noticed you’ve been eating better and that you’ve been drinking water at dinner. When you got up to go to the kitchen a while ago I looked at your hips…..they look smaller….so you’re doing real good. Just thought you should know that I can tell.”

I looked at Devin out of the corner of my eye as he flashed me a smile and a wink. I was just beaming inside with pride listening to Caleb and his sweet spirit. I smiled and said, “thank you Caleb, that’s real sweet of you to notice.”

Cassady, in all of her glory blurted out, “Wow dad, that’s gonna be a hard one to beat….you should have thought of that first!”

Another example of Caleb and Cassady letting there personalities shine through….opposites, like night and day!