With mothers day being just around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about motherhood. Being a mother of four beautiful children, ages ranging from 21 to 12, I have had my share of ups and downs, mountain tops and valleys, laughter and tears. For the most part though I have to say, there have been more ups than downs, more mountian tops than valleys and much more laughter than tears.

Colton, Kelsey, Cassady and Caleb have brought me an immeasurable amount of joy and pride. I will be forever grateful for the privilege and honor to be called their mom.

In honor of Mothers Day I thought in would share with you ten things I know for sure about being a mom:

1. My boobs will never EVER be the same again.

2. If you have children UNDER the age of twelve, you are a genius.

3. If you have children OVER the age of twelve, you are the stupidest person that ever walked planet earth.

4. A rectal thermometer and some petroleum jelly cures most ailments….INSTANTLY!

5. Being an uncool mom means your doing a good job!

6. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

7. Paint thinner will get sharpie marker off of ceramic tile, linoleum floors, trim work, Formica counter tops and various toys throughout the house.

8. If you are taking an important call……your kids WILL have a knock down drag out, with lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

9. Children would rather throw up at your feet than in the toilet.

10. A plate of chocolate chip cookies and a large diet coke work better than Prozac.