Who doesn’t love a good Tater Tot, right? I don’t mean the deep-fried, chunk of potato kind of Tater Tot. No…

I mean this kind of Tater Tot.

How could you not love this specimen of feline royalty?

As I was flipping through the pictures on my camera the other day I suddenly realized how many there were of Tater Tot! I find myself trying to capture her many moods. Instead of the many faces of Eve…we have the many faces of Tater Tot. She also has many names depending on my mood and hers 😉 here’s a few:

Tater Tot (of course)
Tay Tay
Ignernt (ignorant)
Sister crabby pants
Fat head
Meanie head
Grumpy butt
Ugly actin’
Pus gut
Agervatin’ (aggravating)

Even though many of her names have a negative connotation, she really is loved….even if she is crabby 99.9% of the time.

This is her, go to, crabby look. She looks like this most of the time when I’m talking to her…ears back and NO eye contact.

Here’s her annoyed look. She doesn’t really like to be picked up or held, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Here, I had Cassady pick her up with a towel so she wouldn’t get hair all over her before church. Ain’t she sweet?

Here she is saying, “I’m surrounded by idiots!”

I’m pretty sure she thinks this is her house and that she let’s us live here. She’s either sprawled out in the middle of the floor…

Drinking out of our toilets…

Or invading our personal space. Here, she hopped up in Devin’s lap while he was reading his Farm and Ranch magazine and then acted like he was in her way.

The other day I happened to catch Tater Tot doing something she has done for years…except this time I caught it on camera. We have French doors in the front and back of the house and an interior one that goes from the play room to the kitchen. When she wants in, she will sit at the door looking in…waiting for us to let her in. If we don’t do it fast enough, she will climb the door all the way up to the door knob, and look at us through the glass. This angers me greatly. She and I have gone round and round over this most annoying act of defiance. The front and back doors, as well and the interior one, have all been scratch up beyond repair because of her determination to get our attention. Last winter it got so bad it seemed she and I were fussing about her disobedience non-stop….until I got smart. I had the genius idea to smear Vick’s Vapor Rub on each window pane of the door, all the way up the door knob! It worked! One whiff of that door and she was outta there. Now, to all of you cat lovers, do not send me hate mail. As you can see she is well fed and well taken care of. She has a litter box inside also, for those very cold days and nights. I just happen to be of the opinion that an able-bodied, healthy feline, such as herself, needs to spend much her days out in the great outdoors, chasing mice and stalking birds!

This is the front door…see those precious little claw marks? This is after it has been painted a time or two.

This is the interior door from the playroom to the kitchen.
This proves that she is not wanting in because she is cold or hungry. Her food, letterbox and all of the comforts of home are in the playroom…but that’s not good enough. She wants to be sprawled in the middle of the kitchen floor!

Heres another door. This is so funny…I didnt notice this when I took the picture…see her reflection? And the mad ears?

And another…

Here’s how it all happens, first, she sits outside…looking….waiting…cussing us in cat language (notice the ears)

Then she slowly climbs up the door hanging on for dear life with her claws.

Then she sniffs of the door knob…I dont know why.

Then she peers inside…while simultaniously digging her razor sharp nails into my wooden front door.

Then finally, she carefully works her way back down again.

It is this daily ritual that makes me want to gnaw off my own leg sometimes. But then I see her lookin all angelic like this…and I fall in love all over again!

Thank you for reading! I love you more than styrofoam cups 😉