Last spring, when Devin bought our new chicks, he also bought me five guinea fowl. Fast forward six months…we are now down to three guinea fowl. One fatality from a dog, and the other was from some unknown varmint. Even though my guineas are odd-looking (actually they’re just plain ugly), make an awful racket and poop all over my front porch, I still love having them around. Why?

They eat ticks!!!

When spring hits, the ticks come out in great force here on Rohr Road. I would say, on average, we find at least three or four ticks each day, crawling on us, and many times they are biting. But, once my tick eating guinea fowl were let loose on our property, the tick sighting and tick biting plummeted down to a big fat zero! None! Nada! Zip! So for all the racket making, window pecking and poop dropping they do…I can overlook it all because they protect my family from ticks.

Tater Tot, on the other hand is not so amused.

While I was doing laundry this morning I noticed the guineas were up on one of my front porch rocking chairs again, pooping and making a mess of things. I banged on the window trying to shew them away when I noticed Tater Tot trying to take a nap on the swing. I grabbed my camera and took pictures through the window in order to capture her total disgust and annoyance with my tick eating machines. wpid-IMG_20131009_112416.jpgSee those ears? That means she’s annoyed…which, by the way, is most of the time. I see that look a lot when I’m talking to her but I thought it was hilarious to see the, “I’m totally annoyed by you”, look with the guineas. This look says, “you woke me up from my nap you idiots”
wpid-IMG_20131009_112522.jpg “Go play in the street and take your senseless, non stop chatter with you”.
wpid-IMG_20131009_112641.jpg “You’re ugly, you know that? But not too ugly to eat.”
wpid-IMG_20131009_120348.jpg “Why are you here? Go away I say! You’re getting poop all over my porch!
wpid-IMG_20131009_120941.jpg “Ugh. I’m surrounded by idiots.”

After I stood there for a few minutes watching with amusement and snapping shots, I decided to do Tater a favor, and go outside to chase the birds away so she could get back to her nap. When I walked outside the guineas made an awful racket and flew off the porch, strewing feathers and poop everywhere.
Tater jumped down from her swinging Throne stretched, yawned and said, “thank you for saving me from those pesky, intrusive, sorry excuse for tick control. By the way, I’d rather have the tick bite.

wpid-IMG_20131009_122337.jpg “You may go now.”

wpid-IMG_20131009_122810.jpg “Ugh. Why is she still here? And why is she taking my picture?”

wpid-IMG_20131009_122420.jpg “Ok seriously? You’re bugging me! Leave me to my nap!”
wpid-IMG_20131009_122904.jpg She yawns softly, hops up on her swinging Throne and continues with her nap and I go back to my laundry. Ahhh…the life of a Tater Tot. Must be nice 😉