In a previous post entitled, 49 things I want to do while I’m still 49, I listed 49 things I had been thinking about doing, but never seemed to find he time to actually do them. #18 on my list was to teach a cooking class. Just like many other things in my life, I did a lot of dreaming, and thinking, and talking…but not a lot of doing . In case you don’t know, if you want to accomplish something…you have to actually do something.

The doing part is where I get stuck.



Fear of what? I have no idea. If I knew the answer to that question I’d probably have a PhD behind my name, and I’d most likely be writing a post about the 49 ways to overcome fear, instead of a post about teaching a cooking class.

Anyway, after years of talking about teaching a cooking class, I finally decided to stop talking and start doing. The first problem I needed to solve was, where would I have my class? I thought about hosting it in our home but we live out in the middle of nowhereville, so that was out. Then I thought about a local appliance showroom, but that was a little too much, too fast. Finally I thought about our church kitchen. I spend most of my spare time up there anyway so it sounded perfect to me. After getting it approved and reserved, problem #1 was solved.

The second problem was, could I get anyone to come? I decided that my first class would be a closed class, open only to the girls of our “young families” Sunday School class. A few of the girls had asked me cooking questions in the past (which I love by the way) so I decided to announce it on our sunday school class Facebook page. The response was overwhelming, within the hour, the class was full! Problem #2 solved.

The third problem I needed to solve was, what should I cook? It needed to be delicious, non intimidating, and something everyone would love. What else could it be but….biscuits and sausage gravy! Everybody loves a homemade biscuit, especially when it’s smothered in gravy. Problem #3 solved.

Before I knew it, my first class had arrived. Some of the girls had gotten together the week before and made fun aprons. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or them!

Look at these cute girls 😉

Lots of smiling faces.

Here we are on night two, learning to make Quiche and peanut butter cup cakes. Yum!.

Night three was at my house because the church kitchen was booked. That meant I had to clean the bathrooms 🙂

This night we made a roast chicken, alfredo sauce and peach cobbler. The best part about the class is, they get to take the leftovers home and show their family what they learned.

At the end of the three-week class the girls presented me with this cutie-pa-tootie apron! I love it!

Thanks to these girls, my first cooking class was a true joy! Love you!