Every year our church hosts a wonderful event called The Christmas gift give away. This is a day when we reach out to the people in our city. We feed them a full hot meal, give away door prizes, present the real story of Christmas and have a great time getting to know each and every one of our guests. The most exciting part of the night tho (at least for the kids) is the gift give away! Every child leaves with a gift all their own!

An event like this doesn’t just happen. It takes weeks and months of preparation and a crew of dedicated  volunteers. From buying the presents, cooking the turkey, wrapping the presents, decorating the tables, serving the food and then the dreaded clean up…..it is truly a labor of love! By the end of the night we had fed and ministered to over 900 people!

It truly was a perfect night……almost.

Everything was going along just fine. After we served the first dinner,  it was time for the 150 volunteers to eat and rest up before the next group came in. I took this time to walk around the room, talk with the volunteers and thank them for their hard work. I was laughing and having a good time when a 37-year-old friend of mine walked up to me, laughing her head off and said, “that woman over there just asked me if you were my mother!”

[What?? Do I have a target on me or what??? Are you kidding me?? Do I look THAT old?? Clearly I didn’t think it was very funny]

I first made sure I heard her correctly….yep….the woman thought I was Kara Sawyer’s mother!!! Then I grabbed Kara by the sleeve and drug her over to this woman and said, “HELLOOO!!!! Do I really look like I could be her MOTHER??? She is 40! I would have had to have her when I was 10!” She just sort of smiled and tried to “crawdad” out of it….bless her heart….. I then walked over and grabbed my 11-year-old son by the sleeve, drug him over to the (obviously confused) woman and said, “THIS is my child….see, he is 11!” All the while my friends are really getting a kick out of it. Kara and her ignorant husband kept calling me Mommy all night long!

 I wasn’t really mad….not much anyway…..but……some questions are just better left un-asked! It’s kinda like asking a woman if she is pregnant when she isn’t! Don’t do it! I have been asked that three times in my life when I was not pregnant and I am telling you right now……. I wanted to kick them in the teeth! If you want to know, just wait about nine months and you will get your answer.

 Some questions are better left un-asked.