The other day Caleb and Cassady were helping me get ready for our family Christmas Eve dinner. As usual I was in the other room doing my thing and listening, with amusement, to their conversation. I am not sure what they were doing at the time but it must have been something “womany” because I heard Caleb say, “I am so glad I was born a boy, all I have to do in life is find a girl and ask her to marry me.” ( dear lord, what house has he been living in? Oh yeah, mine!)

As the conversation continues I hear Cassady say, “Yeah right! Not
only do you have to find a girl, you have to get her to marry you, then you have to take care of the bills and do all the math of the family. All I have to do is give birth and take care of kids!”

Seriously? Is this all they see? Oh well, at least I don’t have to do math 😉