In our home, we love to have family dinners together. We talk about our day, discuss what homework still needs to be done, make any plans for the up coming day and of course we laugh…..a lot!

In an effort to jump start a discussion at the dinner table Caleb said, “ok, let’s tell the worst, most horrible thing you have ever had to go through.” Knowing this would not be very uplifting, I said, “well, that’s not really a good conversation for the dinner table. Let’s think of something else to talk about”. He thought about it a minute and said, “ok, name the very best, most fantastic day you have ever, ever had? Before any of us had a chance to answer, Kelsey piped up and said, “the day Cassady left for camp.” We all busted out in laughter….even Cassady!

Ahhh, sisterly love.