A few nights ago I had the privilege of speaking at a mother daughter banquet in Bristow, Ok. Public speaking is one of my all time favorite things to do and with the topic being about mothers and daughters…..well that made it even sweeter.

When I first received the invitation from the church, their only request was for me to be funny and light hearted, not serious (that shouldn’t be hard) Then they encouraged me to bring my mother and teenaged daughter along with me…..so….that’s exactly what I did!

During the hour drive that it took for us to get there, we told stories, laughed and listened to music….we so enjoyed each others company…..we were three peas in a pod.

After the banquet was over we hopped in my car and headed back to Tulsa to drop mom at her car that was parked in the Target parking lot. When I got out of the car to give mom a hug good bye, I suddenly remembered something and said, “oh shoot! I forgot to ask someone to take our picture together!” I was so mad at myself for forgetting that….I had talked about it two or three times and I STILL forgot it! I quickly told Kelsey to grab my phone and take a couple os pictures of me and mom.

Mom touched up her lipstick, I fixed my hair and checked my teeth….you know…..the usual stuff, then we hugged up together and FLASH! she took the picture. I instantly took the camera from Kelsey to make sure she got our good side. My mom and I were both hovering over the camera, waiting for the image to pop up….then we saw it! “oh my gosh!!!!” my mom said. “I look awful! What is that thing under my chin??”…….”Dear lord!”, I said, “my head is huge…why is my head so big??? It is twice the size of mom’s!”

For about thirty seconds we griped about what a bad picture it was and picked ourselves to pieces. Mom continued to question the foreign object that was under her chin. She took the camera and looked at it under a better light and continued with chin thing. Finally I took it from her, looked at it once again and said, “that thing under your chin is your OTHER chin but at least you don’t have a big ‘ol logger head that is twice the size it should be!”

I shoved the camera back in Kelsey’s hand and demanded a retake. “Now think about what your doing Kelsey, try to get a better angle this time”, I said. Mom and I got so tickled thinking about my large head and her multiple chins that we were doubled over in laughter. Kelsey took a snap shot of us laughing….we hated that one too! Finally, after several tries we finally got one we could live with.

Next, it was time for me and Kelsey to have our picture taken together. The tricky part was trying to teach my mother which button to touch on my phone….there was only one thing to do…..just touch one button…..that was it. By the look on her face you would think I just asked her to hop in the cockpit and fly a plane! I handed her my phone, we began to pose and FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! She managed to take three pictures before we could even get ready! (she didn’t even know she was touching the button, bless her heart!)

Finally, after a few more flashes, Kelsey and I began to review the pics to see if we needed to retake any. As soon as we got the camera, Kelsey gasped and said, “oh my word! Look at my huge forehead!! Why is my forehead so big? What is wrong with this stupid camera?” I grabbed it from her and said, “nope! This won’t work at all, all you can see are my gums! I have six inches of gums showing here! We demand a retake!”

We all agreed we would take some more. Mom preceded to try to cover Kelsey’s forehead with hair and I purposed not to smile so big and show all of my gums this time. After many shots and many angles and so much laughter our sides hurt we finally agreed on a few we could live with.

After it was all said and done, we hugged, kissed, said our good byes and went our separate ways. As I was driving home I realized that the three of us….three generations of women who loved each other dearly…..just shared a special gift with each other. The gift of laughter…..huge foreheads, double chins, big gums and all 😉