See this?

This is one of the chairs that goes to my antique ice cream parlor set, sittin under a big Black Jack tree.

It does NOT belong out there. I was a little agrivated to see one of my favorite antiques pieces outside…and even more…I was curious as to WHY it is was there and WHO put it there!

See this?

This is my favorite rake, hanging in a big Black Jack tree above my favorite ice cream parlor chair…and yes, I have a favorite rake. It’s the perfect size for cleaning out my flower beds, it’s not too heavy and it fits my hand perfectly…that’s what makes it a favorite. Once again…I was a little perturbed to find it hanging in a tree, well out of reach. Why was it there? Who did this? How on earth am I gonna get it down?

See this?

Probobly not. It’s hard to see…but if you look really hard you can see the answer to my questions as to WHY my favorite stuff is under and in a big Black Jack tree.

It’s Puff, Kelsey’s cat (puff not being her real name, but her real name is weird so I call her Puff). She was way up at the tippy, tippy top of the 50 foot tree…thanks to our three dogs!

See this? This is the Black Jack that holds the cat, that holds the rake that has one of my favorite antique chairs sitting under it.

Soon after I had put my CSI skills to work and figured out what was going on, the kids began to gather around the tree bringing their dad with them.

Devin walked up in his calm, reassuring manner and said, “Hmmm, boy she’s way up there ain’t she?” The kids began to pepper him with questions,

“how are we gonna get her down?”

“will she climb down by herself?”

“should we get a ladder to get her down?”

“how long will she stay up there?”

“oh, she could be up there for days…but she’ll come down eventually”, he said, “don’t worry.”

I wasn’t sure he knew what he was talking about…how does he know? What is he? a cat expert or something? So I asked, “how can you be so sure she will come down? Maybe she’s stuck. Maybe she’s scared. How do you know she will come down? How can you be so sure?”

In one scentence Devin answered all of the questions that had been thrown at him. As he walked away he said with such wisdom, “I’ve never seen a cat skeleton in a tree…they always come down.”

Once again, he imparts wisdom 😉