I had to make a call to my compound pharmacist today about a prescription that needed to filled. While I was on the phone trying to explain to the lady what I needed, she had to put me on hold (of course). As I sat there on hold, a prerecorded advertisement came on for my entertainment. The voice on the recording was a man’s voice and he was very excited about all of the services that their pharmacy had to offer. (How exciting can medicine be anyway?)He gave his sales pitch about the different ways to make taking medicine easier for children.

One of the ways to make  medicine taking easier was adding tasty flavors to liquid medicine so that the children wouldn’t mind the taste. Another form they offer is a cream base medicine that you can just rub on your child and the medicine will be absorbed through the skin. (throughout this entire message I continue to be amazed at how excited this man is about the products that they offer) The final way to make medicine giving easier was to make the medicine into a suppository (yikes!)  ! There ain’t nothing fun about a suppository for sure but this man made it sound like a day at Disney Land!

Listening to this recording today reminded me of a joke that I played on Colton (my oldest) about four years ago. It went something like this.

Colton came home from school one day and plopped himself on my kitchen counter and began to talk about his day. After he was finished with his story I said to him, “Colton, I have some bad news. I received a letter from school today stating that in order for you to graduate this year you will have to catch up on your immunizations and you’re gonna need two.” Colton instantly began to lose color in his face and stated emphatically, “No! I don’t want two shots! This is crazy! I can’t graduate without them? Are you sure?” “Yes” I said “but there’s more………….the bad news is……….one of shots is not a shot at all, it is a suppository and it has to be given by the nurse in the doctor’s office.” Now Colton was really white and beginning to panic………alot! “MOM!!” he said, “are you kidding me? Please tell me you are kidding!” “Look Colton,” I said “it wont be that bad and I am sure the nurse has given suppositories to guys a thousand times…….it will be fine I am sure!”  Then, when I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I began to laugh. I thought he was gonna kill me! He said, “gosh mom, are you crazy?? You almost gave me a heart attack! I was thinking about dropping out of school!” Geeze! Some people can’t take a joke!

As I always say, if you gotta have kids you might as well have a little fun with ’em!