I have been privileged, both as a caterer and a guest, to be apart of many weddings. All were beautiful and all were refreshingly unique.

When I got married 126 years ago most weddings were basically the same. There was the blushing bride in a white, flowing gown walking down the church aisle to the sound of the traditional wedding march with a long vail covering her face. And of course the reception usually showcased the all important, tiered wedding cake.

My cake was HUGE! It had four tiers, a fountain, flowers, an entire passage of scripture piped in pink icing on a bible shaped accent cake and two bridges leading to two more round cakes! Dear Lord what was I thinking! I should have had Devin to pop out of it to make it even more grand!

Today though, things are different. Oh, don’t get me wrong, wedding cakes can still be grand and show-stopping, but with the latest trends reflecting the personality of the bride and groom, a wedding cake doesn’t have to cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in order for it to be perfect. The possibilities are endless!

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to cater the wedding of a very special couple who are near and dear to my heart. I have known the groom for years and when the girl of his dreams came into the picture I quickly fell for her too! She is precious and perfect for this young man who is like a son to me. I recall the day he called and asked me if I could make him a gallon of sweet tea, I wondered why he wanted sweet tea when he wouldn’t touch it when I made it for my dinners (he was very picky). I found this strange. Then I realized he was trying to woo a special girl with this southern staple.

As I catered their wedding a few years later, I found myself making gallons, upon gallons of sweet tea, to take the place of punch. And to take the place of the traditional wedding cake, I made nine old-fashioned layer cakes for their very intimate and special day. I love the fact that their wedding was a day to celebrate THEM and what THEY wanted on THEIR special day. The ceremony was held in a romantic rose garden of an old mansion on an absolutely beautiful day. With 100 family members joining in on the intimate ceremony, it was a perfect day!

For the cakes I made nine, three layer, cakes and showcased each one on an antique pedestal cake plate.

It turned out beautiful!

Square plates held square cakes.

Round plates held round cakes.

Varying heights of stacked books, covered by a tablecloth were used to give height and to add depth to the cake display. It made for a great conversation piece and the guests were thrilled to have so many flavors to choose from!

They could choose from coconut

Buttermilk pound-cake

Lemon pound-cake

Key lime cake (pictured from another event)

Also, chocolate, carrot and white cakes

Two years ago I catered another wedding where I, along with an amazing team of helpers, made 30 layer cakes. Each one showcased on a pedestal cake plate and then used as a centerpiece for the guest tables. The cakes were beautiful and delicious conversation pieces that encouraged guests to move around and mingle, trying other flavors from neighboring tables.

Flavors included:

Lemon pound
German chocolate
Key lime
Humming bird
Red velvet

It was a huge success! I wish I had pictures to show, but I’m lame and haven’t figured know how to get them on here yet, sorry 🙁 trust me, it was beautiful!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and will let it challenge you to think outside of the box when it comes to wedding cakes but most of all I encourage you to have fun, whether it is your wedding or your child’s wedding, HAVE FUN and make it your own!

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