A few years ago I was shopping in Wal-Mart. I had Caleb and Cassady with me. At that time Caleb was just a toddler, maybe two or three, and Cassady was about five. Now remember that having Cassady with me was like having all eight of Kate Gosselin’s children at one time. With that said, my time in Wal-Mart had been a rough one to say the least. If you are a mother then you know what I am talking about. Trying to shop while your children are acting like a bunch of hoodlums is enough to make you want to gnaw off your own leg! AND those little no-neck monsters know that you can’t do to them what you really want to do in the store because of those stupid cameras! Anyway, I was on my last aisle and on the last item on my list when Caleb decided to pick up my carton of eggs that was sitting on top and dump them out in the buggy. I could not believe my eyes. There I was with a buggy that looked like the truck on The Grapes of Wrath and now my eggs were all broken and beginning to run throughout the groceries! I immediately began to feel sorry for myself and question God as to why this was happening to me. I mean I am a good person…is this really necessary?

In the middle of my pity party, somewhere between “why me” and “I quit!” I heard something that changed me forever, something I’ll never forget. I was standing in the cracker aisle assessing the damage when I heard this little boy (about 4 years old) talking to a little girl. Let me just say right here that this little boy was not talking in a normal tone……he was very loud. And he spoke with such passion and animation! Suddenly he began to say, very loudly, “the more I don’t hold my wiener……” ( this is the PG part). He continued “the more I don’t hold my wiener…………my…….my…….. wiener…….” At this point I began to thank Jesus for broken eggs because I realized it could be so much worse!! I turned around to see his mother, who seemed to be running in slow motion, like a soldier in an old World War II movie, screaming “Noooooooooo!” She couldn’t get to him in time. As the little boy continued to stutter the word wiener, the little girl stood there wide-eyed with the look of question on her face waiting for him to spit out the rest of his sentence. So he continued………”the more I don’t hold my weiner…..the more treats I get!” (Oh! so that’s what makes them stop!) Bless her heart! All she wanted to do was teach him to not hold his wiener now she was humiliated.

I learned something that day. I learned that we are not alone in this world when it comes to trials and tribulation. AND (notice how big the and is) we have to find humor in life or life will eat us up! So today when you drop your cell phone in the toilet, or your two-year old shows off your collection of Maxi pads to the man at Lowe’s, or your little boy tells a perfect stranger about his wiener, just pause…………breath………say a little prayer………….and have a big ol’ belly laugh!  And remember, You’re not alone.