Last week I had  some of the young mothers from our church over for a Christmas brunch. Entertaining is so much fun for me. If you will notice, I said it is fun for me, not so much for my family. Every time I host a party in our home, we have a really big deep cleaning day at our house. This time was no different.

The day before the party, I asked Devin if he would go thru the house and have the kids pick up their mess. I swear I have the messiest kids on the planet! The first room on the list was the play room. This is the “dump” of the house where everything gets dumped when they walk in the house. Back packs, coats, shoes, hunting paraphernalia, tools, you name it and it gets dumped in the game room! Oh yeah…….and sticks! My kids have this thing about sticks. Probably because when they say, “I’m bored” Devin says, “well, go out in the yard and get a stick to play with.” 😉

While I was in the kitchen preparing the food I was listening to barking of orders by Devin and the whaling and gnashing of teeth from the kids. It’s kinda funny to be on the outside listening in on all the drama. Then I heard it…..the quote of the day………Devin said, “Cassady, come pick up your thong!” Caleb immediately began to yelling, “gross! There is a thong in here?” Well, my curiosity peaked……I walked to the door and there Devin was, holding a flip-flop! (bless his heart, he don’t know) Cassady said, “Good lord dad! Your dating yourself when you call a flip-flop a thong!” All the kids began to laugh at the fact that a flip-flop used to be called thongs…….remember? Then Devin said, with such authority, “a thong is anything that goes in a crevasse, whether it is the crevasse of your foot or the crevasse of your behind!”

Full of wisdom, he is.