About five months ago my beloved  JoJo, a King Charles Cavalier, was hit and killed by a car. He was the best dog ever!The kids and I grieved for him so.

A few months later I decided that it was time to start looking for a new dog, a house dog. I looked for another King Charles but I didn’t have an extra $1,500. Even if I did have $1,500 the “worlds tightest man” would never agree to spending that kind of money on a dog for heaven’s sake! (can’t you just hear him saying that?)

I knew that I didn’t want to use a breeder so I went to the local shelter (SPCA). They literally sent me and my kids away because we didn’t have a fenced in yard (another thing the “worlds tightest man” won’t do). Then I made the biggest mistake ever. I went to the pound. Oh my goodness, my heart broke for each and every dog in that place and let me tell you there was plenty.  Every shape and size, big ones, little ones,  puppies and old dogs. There was every breed too. I saw German shepherds, blue healers, black and chocolate Labs, a Saint Bernard, I even saw a beautiful Great Dane. Many were pressed firmly against the gate trying to get as close as they could to anyone who might be passing by. Some had a look of hope on their little faces but many looked  sad and hopeless. It brought me to tears. I was so frustrated and overwhelmed that I had to leave empty-handed.

The next week I tried a much smaller pound in a neighboring town. I went from pen to pen, talking to each one trying to reassure them that someone would adopt them soon (crazy I know but it made me feel better). As I rounded the corner there was a pen with 3 big dogs and one little puppy. I knew right then that she was the one. I asked the man if he would get her out so I could take a closer look. I picked her up and asked, “what do you think she is? Do you think she is part Beagle.” The lady sitting behind the information desk said, “I know what she is, I know all about her. The man who brought her in said that he paid $295 for her on friday…….he brought her to us on Monday. I have all of the paperwork right here.’ I looked at the papers, she was right. The puppy was full blood Beagle. She had all of her shots,  she had been wormed and even micro chipped. She had everything but spinners!

She ran around and jumped and whined and licked all over my face………..she was now mine!

Her name is Bailey………Beagle Bailey.

I had forgotten how aggravating it is to have a puppy, and at the same time how wonderful. She pees on my floor and want’s to poop ONLY on the sidewalk right outside the back door. She chews and digs and scratches at the door and will tear up anything that she can find BUT I love her anyway!

Tonight as she was laying sound asleep on the floor at my feet I was glad to have a puppy……..a pound puppy.