I had someone ask me for an easy chicken recipe for dinner. I have made this for years. It is delicious, easy and easy on the pocket-book!. In the ingredients list it will tell you to use chicken breast. I don’t use chicken breast, I buy a big bag of leg/thigh quarters. It is so much cheaper this way…..it does take a little more time because you have to take the chicken off the bone after you boil it but I really like the flavor and moisture of the dark meat. Remember on a casserole, the amounts that you use are not as important as it is when you are making baked goods, so if you want to add something to the mix or omit an ingredient, go ahead, give it a whirl.

Poppyseed Chicken Over Rice

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 16 oz carton of sour cream

4 chicken breast or 4 leg and thigh quarters

1 1/2 stacks Ritz crackers

1/2 stick butter

salt and pepper

1 T. poppy seeds

2 cups cooked rice

Boil the chicken in salted water until done. When the chicken is done and cooled down a little, if you are using the breast, just cut the chicken or tear it into strips or chunks. If you stepped out a little and used the leg/thigh parts you will now need to take the skin off and then take the meat off of the bone. (I know this part is not very fun but you will thank me in the end and your family will thank you!)

After your chicken is prepared, mix in your sour cream and the can of cream of chicken soup. Mix in one tablespoon of poppy seed (optional but good). Add salt and pepper to taste (extra pepper makes it even better).

Pour your chicken into a casserole dish. Now comes the good part! Crush you Ritz crackers in a zip lock bag and then pour the melted butter over them. Mix well and sprinkle the crackers over the chicken. Bake at 350, uncovered for about 30 minutes or until golden brown on top (the chicken is already cooked so you just need to bake until nice and hot)

Now that you casserole is in the oven this is a good time to make your rice. Just use instant rice, it is just easier and faster. you will need about two cup cooked rice.

After the chicken and rice is done and you are ready to present your master piece, mess up your hair and poof a little flour on your face to make your family thing you have slaved in the kitchen all day because the food will taste like it!!! Good luck and happy cooking!! Write me if you have any questions.