I came home from church early on sunday in order to get ready for a big crowd that would be gathering later that night. As I was driving down Rohr Rd. I saw this cute little box turtle about the size of a golf ball. I thought to myself,”I bet the kids would like to see him” so, being the wonderful mother that I am, I stopped and put in the car.

[now advance with me to Tuesday evening]

As I am driving home late Tuesday evening from a speaking engagement, I dropped my phone between the front seat and the console. When I got in the house I asked Caleb if he would get a flash light and try to find it for me. In a matter of minutes he came tearing through the house all excited. He drug me to my car to see what he had discovered. Yep! You guessed it! That poor turtle! It had been crawling around in my car, wondering where he was and cursing me in his little turtle language. So much for being a wonderful mother. Now the SPCA is gonna  want me locked up for cruelty to animals!!