My love for fashion goes way back to when I was just a little girl. Even back then, what I wore was very important to me. I can remember the purse I carried for my very first day of school, my favorite red coat in fourth grade. A brown corduroy skirt that I wore in second grade comes to mind. I can even remember a pair of red corduroy pants that I had when I was about three years old. Why would I remember these things so vividly? Because I love clothes! I love expressing myself with clothes! Always have, always will! 

My senior year of highschool, I was voted best dressed along with my good friend Larry Jones. We shared a love for all things fashion and worked very hard to hold that title.

Advance a few decades (ouch! That was painful to say), still, I LOVE fashion. I love purses, shoes, coats, scarves, jewelry, glasses…..oh….did I mention purses 🙂 I love it all and I like to think that I might know a thing or two about what looks good and what doesn’t and about what is in style and what is not.

Mr. wonderful on the other hand, doesn’t. He does not care one bit about fashion, clothes, shopping, whats in or whats out…..he just don’t care!

We are talking about the man who buys his jeans at the same place that he buys his dog food and his tomato plants. Atwoods! If you are not familiar with Atwoods, it is a farm and ranch store for heaven’s sake! He says, and I quote, “I can buy everything I need at Atwoods!” (well I can’t!) His entire wardrobe consists of khaki plaid and tan. You may be wondering why I would marry a man who doesn’t have the same passion for fashion as I. Because he is Mr. wonderful! And he needs me!

I said all of this to say that when I wear something that he is not sure about and then has the audacity to ask me if I am sure I want to wear that out of the house, I just block him out! I mean come on! Atwoods? Khaki plaid? Who holds the title of best dressed and who doesn’t?

A few weeks ago, while I was on my War Eagle trip, I bought me a fun pair of rubber boots that look like cowboy boots. They are paisley print with every color of the rainbow on them. I was very proud of my find and couldn’t wait to show Devin (he always acts excited because he knows it means alot to me). I called him into our room, shut the door and told him I had something to show him, (I think he might have gotten the wrong idea). With a grin on my face from ear to ear I pulled out one of the boots. He just sort of stood there, I could see fear in his eyes, as if he was  tip toeing through a mine field of responses , not really knowing which response to give. Finally he said, “Oh yeah, I like it, are you supposed to put a plant in it?” What?, I said. “No ya weirdo, you put your foot in it! I couldn’t believe it! Out of all the things he could have said………..”do you put a plant in it?”(I was thinking, when I put my foot in it I might just plant it in his behind!) Unbelievable.

The next day I wore them to church. I loved them. Every women that saw them LOVED them. Every guy that saw them had something stupid to say, because all men are the same. I just ignored them… didn’t bother me one bit because these bright paisley boots express what I am feeling on the inside…………pure joy!

I wonder what expression khaki plaid is?