Yesterday was a FULL day. We had a reception at the church and I was responsible for the food. I had been at the church for three days preparing a cookies and punch for 400, so I was a little tired. When it was time to load up all of my junk my wonderful husband ran to my rescue and put everything in his truck and headed for the house. Let me just say right here that we don’t live by the church or even anywhere close to the church. We live a good thirty minutes away.

While Devin was in route to the house, I grabbed my purse and the kids and headed to my car. As I reached for my keys I remembered, with horror, that I had put my car keys in the carry bag that was in his truck. Man, I hated to make that call! I called and said “Guess what! My keys are in your truck in my bag”. Thank God he is always so calm……..because…..well…..I’m not!He just quietly turned around and headed back to the church where he found us sitting on the curb in the parking lot like a bunch of strays. I felt REALLY stupid AGAIN! My whole day had been like this and this was just the icing on the cake…….so I thought.

After Devin brought my keys to me, he drove off. I am sure he was thinking to himself “what else could go wrong?” The kids and I got in the car and headed on our way home also. Like I said, it is a long drive home so we have to make it fun…..right?. We rolled down the windows, opened up the sun roof and turned the radio WIDE open. We were having a blast! Let me just say right here that of the two parents, I am the fun one.  So, picture this, cruising down the road with the wind in our hair,  jammin’ to classic rock when suddenly our car begins to sputter and spit. I looked down and to my horror (once again) I realize that we are running out of gas! Dear lord! I know Devin is gonna think, “what an idiot!”. Man I hated to make that call (again). I called him and said “guess what?” He said, “now what”. “I ran outta gas!” I said. Still calm………he got up, went out to the barn and grabbed the gas can. While we were waiting, the kids began to get a little scared because it was dark and we were in the middle of nowhere. So, I thought I would add to their fear. I slowly reached out of the window and knocked on the side of the car and began to scream loudly as if someone was trying to break in. I thought they were going to kill me when they found out that I was just foolin’ around. I just thought we needed to lighten things up a bit……….I thought it was funny……..guess you had to be there.

Soon thereafter Devin came and put gas in my car. I thanked him for being my hero. What a guy! What a day! Hope tomorrow will be better.