Well, another valentines day has come and gone, and so has another family candle lite dinner for six. If you follow me you know our family celebrates the day of love with a romantic candle lite dinner, complete with fine china, crystal and romantic music. I thought I’d post a few pictures of our evening.

This is the only time of year I break out our wedding china and crystal. The kids love using the “fancy stuff”.

Each place setting had its own mini flower bouquet. This year I arranged them in little silver punch cups that my friend Shelly gave me a while back. I think they turned out really nice.



No valentines would be complete without a little chocolate right? Each place setting, along with the mini bouquet, had its own chocolate brownie mousse trifle. The dessert glasses were layered with a combination of, soft brownie, deep rich chocolate mousse, fresh whipped cream with a sprinkling of crushed Heath bar. They were absolutely Devine! I’ll post the recipe soon, but for now you can enjoy the pics 😉

I also made a heart-shaped buttermilk pound cake, served with sweetened strawberries and whipped cream.

If you’ll notice behind the cake, a tall glass dish with yet another dessert, red velvet cake balls. I realize three desserts for only six people is a little much, but that’s the way I roll!

Heres a shot of the family before we ate. The stud there on the right is Mr. Wonderful. The beautiful young lady to his right is our youngest daughter, Cassady. Seated next to Cassady is her handsome beau, Michael. This was his forts time joining us for Valentines, I think he may have been in shock;-) Seated at the far end of the table is our beaming beauty, Kelsey, our oldest daughter. And then last, but certainly not least, Caleb, the baby of the family.

One thing I didn’t get a picture of was the food. They ate it before I could get a shot. The menu consisted of broccoli salad, chicken parmesan, pasta, green beans, and garlic toast.

Trust me. It was good!

In an effort to help others start their own valentines dinner tradition, I decided to lead a cooking class teaching anyone who was interested, how to make the entire chicken Parmesan dinner that I served at mine. The class was a huge success with thirteen beautiful ladies in attendance.

Here’s the whole gang. What a great group of girls and oh so much fun to be with!

Here are some of the pictures I received from a few who have decided to start their own family Valentine’s dinner tradition. Great job ladies!!

This one is from my long time friend Staci.

The next three are from Ashley. She and her girls were so excited to celebrate!



Here’s some from MarLynn’s dinner. She and her four girls did a beautiful job!

This was their dessert. Funny how she and I didn’t know what the other was serving, but some how ended up with the same dessert. Great minds…

And here’s a look at Tiffany’s beautiful table. Love the balloons and lace!

I had many others write to me with the details and success of their dinner. I so appreciate everyone letting me be apart of their new family tradition! How about you? Do you have family traditions you could pass on?

Thanks for reading! I love you more than chocolate mousse!