I got up nice and early this morning so I could go and pray for a friend who was having surgery. While I was there visiting with friends, I got really cold. When I left the building to walk back to my car, it was raining, so that made me even colder! Once I get cold, especially a wet cold, it’s very hard for me to get warm again. I had the heat blowing as warm as it could go….but still I was freezing. Suddenly I thought, hot tea! (my favorite) that will warm me up!

As I continued to drive, I spied a Starbucks….jackpot.  I quickly changed lanes and made my way to the caffeine fillin’ station. I figured I would get warm with my hot tea and blog at the same time, two of my favorite things 😉

Once I made it to my parking place, I just sat in my car for a moment and thought, do I really wanna go in there? I am not really a Starbucks kinda girl. I am not a business woman in a dark gray suit and I am not meeting an important client. I am just a cold girl who wants to blog. I quickly put that thought out of my head and made my way into the coffee shop. As I entered the shop and made my way to the counter, I noticed that EVERY person in there looked very serious and official. They  were all dressed in dark clothing and had their brief cases and blackberries in hand. They were everywhere! Whispering across tiny little tables or sitting in groups of two or three in rich leather chairs.  I, on the other hand, stood out like a sore thumb!! No dark suit or serious face for me. Nope. I was just a girl who wanted to get warm with some hot tea and blog.

I tried to convinced myself that they were no better than I and that I had every right to be there (just a little battle I had going on in my head). Anyway, I held my head high, like I owned the place, and walked up to the counter wearing a flowing white skirt, a little sweater and the cutest pair of red sandals a girl could ask for. The lady behind the counter said hello and asked for my order, “I’ll have a grande TAZO awake tea with two splenda packets please”, I said with a smile. “That will be $2.12 please”, she said. At that precise moment something terrible happened. As I was handing her my money, I felt my slip fall to the floor, in slow motion and land around my ankles.

Yep, that’s right!


In that moment, time stood still. I must have had a thousand thoughts, like:

Dear God!!! Is that my slip at my feet?

What do I do now?

Do I pick it up?

Or do I just step out of it and pretend it’s not mine?

Is anybody seeing this? Please Lord let nobody see this!!!

Then I remembered the two business men sitting three feet from me! Please let there be a trap door under my feet! What do I do now?

As the lady behind the counter turned around to give me my change, I looked at her with desperation and said, “Dear Lord!!! My slip just fell to the floor! She just stood there and looked at me like a cow looking at a new gate! She said nothing! “Where are the restrooms?”, I asked. She pointed to her left and said, “they are around the corner to the left and down the hall, first door on the right.” Every other Starbucks in the country has a bathroom right near the counter…not this place! I casually bent down….picked up my slip, acting like nothing had happened and made my way to the restroom.

When I got to the restroom I had a little argument with myself. I was right! Clearly, I am not the Starbucks material! I am more the Sonic kinda girl. Atleast at Sonic, everybodys not so serious and you get to push a big red shiny button to place your order and a happy teenager on roller skates brings your order to your car. And if your slip falls to the ground around your ankles no one knows because you are in your car!

After I left the restroom, I went to the counter to get my tea, turned on my heel and walked out of the Starbucks….with my head held high and my slip in my purse!