Today, I purchased the final piece of our new living room ensemble….my chair. First we bought the  sofa. It is a chocolate-brown, top grain leather, masterpiece (at least it is to me). Next on the list was Papa bear’s chair. The sofa we bought did not have a matching recliner so we had to find one that matched. I thought this would be an easy find. How hard can it be to find a chocolate-brown recliner, right? WRONG! Oh my word…..papa bear is so picky. We bought one and decided he didn’t like it…..had to take it back. I soon found another one…..he didn’t like the color. We went to every store in Tulsa….still none of them were the perfect match (I think he needs medication). Finally, one week later, I found it…..the perfect chair for his behind and it was $300 cheaper than the original find…… he was a happy papa bear.

Now I was on the hunt for Mama bear’s chair. I knew I didn’t want leather and I knew how much I wanted to spend, so……2 hours later……BAM! I found my chair!

Just that simple….I know what I want and I go get it. The waiting………and looking………and talking………and pondering………and researching………….and fasting and praying……..over the purchase of a chair is just too much!

I purchased the chair right then and there. Now all I had to figure out was how to get it home….today! No waiting for this girl! If Devin had  been there he would have said, “lets come back tomorrow when I have my truck.” NOT ME! I am like a kid with a new toy and I want it home today! I was by myself so I made the executive decision (I love to do that) to try to get the chair and ottoman in my Denali. I drove around to the side of the store and backed up to the loading dock. Out came Frick and Frack . These two guys looked and acted like this was their first day on the job. As I opened the back of my car they just sort of stood there and looked at it as if to say….this ain’t gonna fit. They took the chair out of the box and slid it into the back of the car… wouldnt fit. I could feel my face getting hot and my heart began to race. I stood as tall as I could, raised one eyebrow and said, with determination in my voice, “This will fit….I am sure of it!”

I was thinking to myself, Don’t EVEN tell me that this won’t fit…..don’t make me get ugly with you!(maybe I am the one who needs medication).

One of the guys was big….really big. And I don’t mean muscular either. And he was COVERED in Tattoos….litterly. He started climbing into my car in an effort to pull while the other guy pushed. He wedged himself in. I was so afraid he was gonna break my seat! Seriously! He got up in there and almost couldn’t get out. I thought we were gonna have to call for the jaws of life to come and cut him out of my car. Half of his behind was hanging out. He was trying to pull his pants up but he couldn’t reach them…….let’s just say, I saw tattoos where they shouldnt be! Finally he wormed his way out and I was on my way!

I had to go the school first to pick up the kids from school. As I drove up I saw my friend Stephane. I thought, I will pull beside her and show her my new purchase. I pulled up, put it in park and  hopped out. As I was walking to the back of my car I noticed my car was rolling! The kids were screaming, “Mom! The car is moving!” I guess in all of my excitement, I forgot to put it in park. It was now rolling away with my new chair! (and the kids) I began to run after it, hopped back in the front and slammed on the brakes! What a ding bat!

Needless to say, it has been an exciting day for me. New chair……fat guy got stuck in my car…… rolled away without me in it…….

When I got home Devin opened the back-end of my car and was shocked. “Good lord! He said, how did they get this in the car?” “It was a piece of cake”, I said ;-).