During the month of February, the state of Oklahoma experienced a blizzard that broke the record for the most snow in a 24 hr period and for the lowest temperatures. This Alabama girl has had a hard time this year with the frigid temps.

I would much rather have my toes buried in the sands of Gulf Shores, baking in the sun, listening to the gentle roll of the ocean and the squawk of sea gulls soaring over head.

Ok back to reality! I almost froze to death……that’s the reality! With the sub zero temperatures and the blistering winds, I was eternally cold! In an effort to get warm I made one of our favorite soups, taco soup. It is made with four kinds of beans, corn, tomatoes, taco seasonings and ground beef (I used deer meat). It’s really great for those cold winter days.

We ate on the soup for three days until one night, after we had all eaten, I forgot (like an idiot) to put it back in the refrigerator! Needless to say, when I noticed my mistake the next morning, I was just sick at the thought of having to throw out this huge pot of soup!

As I picked up the pot to throw it out, I had a fantastic idea…..an amazing idea…….one of my all time best ideas. I decided that I would give the soup to our dogs. They had been snowed in too! Cooped up in their box trying to stay warm….they needed a treat like the rest of us! So, at about 10:00 that morning, I gave the soup to Dixie, Cody and Bailey.

I was a hero! They loved me more than Devin that day because I thought of them and blessed them with a meal fit for a K9 king.(or so I thought)

The rest of the day rocked on. The dogs and the kids played outside in the snow and had a blast……all was well on the home-front and the dogs were fat and happy!

That night, with the temps dipping below zero, we brought all three dogs in. Cody, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, was put in a kennel as well as Bailey the Beagle. Dixie, however, was allowed to sleep on the floor since she is the oldest (and the queen).

The next day, Devin got up early and went into the office for a while. When he came home, he walked in and immediately informed me that I owed him big. Confused by his statement, I proceeded to tell him that HE is the one who owes ME, for giving birth to his four children, putting up with his snoring, cooking his food and washing his clothes….and it went on and on until all of a sudden he calmly said, ” don’t EVER give the dogs taco soup again.”

[I stopped and thought for a minute. He didn’t know I gave the dogs the soup. I didn’t tell him. I didn’t even tell him that I threw it out. How did he know?]

He could tell by the look on my face that I didn’t get it! I then said, “why? What’s wrong with giving them taco soup?” He then told me that the soup had an adverse effect on the dogs and what a mess it made!! Let’s put it this way…there was corn and beans everywhere!

I felt really bad. He was right! I did owe him big…really big because he cleaned everything up while I was still sleeping all snug in my warm bed. What a guy! My hero! Boy do I love that man!

About the Taco soup recipe, well, I decided not to put it on this post, that would not be very appetizing now would it? Watch for it in a later post and remember…..don’t feed it to your dogs 🙂