We are hosting a big conference at our church this saturday and I am responsible for the refreshments. It was decided that we would host a “chicks and chocolate” event for the 700 ladies that are scheduled to attend. As you can imagine making over 3000 thousand pieces of chocolate confections is a HUGE job! So my friend Ann and I began to solicit helpers by any means we could. We made announcements at church, we e-mailed, we sent out a message on Facebook and made personal phone calls………nothing! Everyone was either busy or not interested. When Ann and I began to work on this project Tuesday I quickly realized that if we didn’t get some help we were gonna be in big trouble.

I decided that I would send out a mass text. This is the one avenue that we had not tried so I thought, what the heck, I will give it a whirl, (boy did I give them a whirl!).

The text was supposed to read something like this: Would you be interested in helping me make some chocolate covered goodies on Wednesday? Sounds innocent enough right? Well, as usual, I screwed it up! This simple plea for help turned into a fiasco to say the least!

The text ended up something like this: Would you be interested in helping with male chocolate covered goodies?

Can you believe my luck?

All I was trying to do was make a bunch of chocolate for some church ladies, who probably didn’t even need it, and look what happens! Geeze!

Well in a matter of seconds the texts started rolling in so fast that I couldn’t keep up! I thought Wow, they must really wanna help! Then, when I read the first response I realized that something had gone horribly!

These are just some of the responses that I got back (the names have been changed to protect the innocent).

  • Well…my my my, that sounds interesting!!
  • Exactly what ARE male chocolate covered goodies?
  • (this was from the husband of one of the girls) I didn’t realize Kay was sharing our personal fetishes…never tried chocolate….could be fun!
  • Um, you need to READ the text u sent me…. I think you ment to say “make” chocolate goodies!
  • I would LOVE to make male chocolate goodies but I have a Dr. appt
  • You should read what you just sent me, it sounds like we are covering males with chocolate and if that’s true , then I’m in!

Can you belive this? I Can get myself into the biggest messes sometimes. I can just hear them now, “did you here that Pastor Devin’s wife was covering males with chocolate in the church kitchen?? After recieving ALL of these messages I spent an hour trying to undo the mess I created!

Anyway…ooo la la Choc-o-lat!