Caleb accidentally rubbed against my unshaved legs today and said “mom, it’s not ‘no shave November’ ya know!”

You don’t know what “no shave November” is? November is the official start of the no shaving season. The bathing suit season is over and it is getting too cold to wear shorts so women from all over the country put  their razors away and declare “no more shaving!” I kinda like this idea myself. First of all, have you seen the price of razors lately? I could buy a new purse with the money I save from not buying razors! Second, it is a never-ending process. You shave in the morning and by lunch time you need to shave again, it’s ridiculous! Thirdly, no one will even see my legs in November so……….why shave……right? So, I got the idea, why not prolong this no shave season? We could have “don’t shave December” ,”just say no! January”, “forget about it February” and “mega hair March!” Wow, no shaving for five months……….new purse, here I come!