Well, it’s my first day to blog!!!!! My first day to tell the world what I think, how I feel and about all of the crazy things in my life on a daily basis. My hope is to write something everyday….to get it outta my head and on to my blog.

I am sitting at Panara Bread using their HIGH SPEED internet and enjoying their food when I look up and right in front of me is a young couple in love lust, they are letting the whole world know about it. Making out for the world to see. Ok now she is sitting in his lap and playing with his hair. I may lose my bagel with cream cheese! I mean we are three feet from each other. Can this not wait until later? Please! Now she is feeding him. I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable now, like I should leave and give them some privacy. Wait a minute! This is a PUBLIC place not a hotel room! Oh good, they heard their school bell or something, one last good-by kiss and they are off. Thank goodness! 

Devin and I are in love but we show our love in more mature ways. I fold his underwear and socks the way he likes. Instead of making me order off the dollar menu at Mc Donalds he lets me order what I want. I put up with his hunting and he puts up with my shopping. It is all about give and take. I mean I am sure he would like it if I sat in his lap and played with his hair…..just not at Panara!

Well this has been fun. I hope all of my fans have enjoyed it……….wait a minute, I don’t have any yet. I better get busy drummin’ up some loyal followers. Love to all!