Today was Sunday and it started with a bang.

At 6:01 my phone alarm went off. I didn’t hear it, therefore I didn’t get up. At 6:15 it went off again. I got up, stumbled to the kitchen, took the three brisket out to the oven that had been cooking all night, and then I poured myself a cup of liquid energy. I can’t function without it.

I jumped in the shower and began to get ready for church. At 7:15 I received a text from Devin informing me that I needed to make sausage gravy for our Sunday School breakfast party because the person who was supposed to bring it couldn’t, due to a death in the family. So at 7:16, I kicked it in high gear and began to get ready a little faster.

At 7:45 I finished packing the bags with all of my cooking supplies for the day…including the last-minute supplies for sausage gravy. At 7:55 I had Cassady load the bags into the car.

At 7:59 I kicked tater tot out of the house and I hopped into a freezing ice-cold car. The temperature on my rearview mirror read -7 degrees. Not really, but it felt like it.

At 8:01 I drove down Hen House Road to let the chickens out and fed them. I hurriedly ran to the feed box, dodging the little piles of frozen chicken manure, as to not get any on my Sunday shoes, I quickly scooped up a can of feed and filled up the feeders. Earl and the girls didn’t even come out to see me…probably because it was -7 degrees.

At 8:10, while driving down the turnpike, the gas dinger on my car goes off and the red light comes on, telling me I’m about to run out of gas. I dis not want to stop because it was -7 degrees outside….so I didn’t.

At 8:28 I coasted into the Wal-Mart parking lot to buy one lone ingredient for the sausage gravy. The -7 degree wind was now Gail force.

At 8:37 I made Cassady get out and pump the gas 🙂

At 8:45 I pulled into the church parking lot and dropped Cassady off at the door (as a thank you for pumping the gas). At 8:47 I ran in the church to get a cart and then ran back out to the car to unload all of my supplies. At 8:50 a good Samaritan took my cart in for me while I parked my car. At 8:51 I realized I didn’t have my keys because they were on the cart that the good Samaritan was pushing, so I had to get out in the freezing ice-cold again to get my keys. Then I parked my car.

At 8:55 I arrived in the church kitchen. I turned the oven on and popped in the three dozen biscuits I had prepared the night before, then I started the sausage gravy. At 9:00 my best friend Dana came to my rescue, again, and helped with the gravy. At 9:05 I started looking for the milk and flour that Cassady loaded in the car. Thinking it must still be in the car, I ran outside in -7 degree weather to look for it. At 9:07 I realized it wasn’t there. I ran back to the kitchen empty-handed. At 9:08 I saw Cassady and said, “Cassady, did you load the flour and milk in the car?” Her response was, “what flour and milk?”

At 9:09 I frantically began to look for some flour and milk in the church kitchen. I found milk in the refrigerator but there was no flour. At 9:10 I told Dana to forget the gravy because I couldn’t find any flour. She insisted I look in the closet one more time, and at 9:11, after I had already looked three times, I found a small, unopened, bag of flour. It was a Sunday School miracle! We finished the gravy, and at 9:30 I arrived to our class room with hot biscuits and gravy. At 9:45, it was all gone.

After class, at 10:30 I went to church. I enjoyed good music and good preaching. Afterwords, I shook hands, hugged necks, bragged on babies and spoke to everyone I came in contact with as I made my way back to the church kitchen.

At 12:05 I began to prepare a brisket dinner for eighty. With my three helpers, Mom, Dana and Cassady we went to work. There was brisket to cut, chicken breasts to prepare, potatoes to mix, green beans to cook deserts to finish and drinks to pour. At 5:30 sharp, after a long day of hard work, everything was hot and ready to serve.

At 5:55 the last person was served.

At 5:57, after scarfing down a piece of brisket, I left and took the kids to small groups on the other side of town. At 6:40 I returned to the church and finished helping Dana clean the kitchen and put up the food. By 7:30, everything was done and I could finally go home. At 7:45 I made a pit stop at Starbucks for some hot tea. A special treat for being so good 😉

At 8:15 I drove down Hen house road. I opened the door to the hen-house to check on everybody and do a head count. After tucking the girls and Earl in for the night, I finally walked into the house and plopped down on the couch. It is now 12:31 AM and I’m making final changes on this post. I could not think of a better way to end my day, than to sit down and talk to all of my readers. Your loyalty, enthusiasm, love and comments keep me going. Thank you!

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about my day, it was therapeutic. Now, tell me about yours 😉

Thanks for reading! I love you more than spray cheese 😉