Months ago I started getting the itch to change our bedroom. The blue walls I fell in love with ten years before, were now making me irritable. I had gotten to the point where I hated everything about our room. The paint, the furniture, the bedding and the wall hanging over our bed, all of it had to go. The problem was selling Mr. wonderful on the idea.
He’s kind of like a baby deer. You don’t want to move too fast so not to spook him. If you bombard him with ideas and schemes and projects and proposals he gets spooked like a baby deer…then poof! He’s gone, nowhere to be found.

I, after almost 29 years of marriage, have learned the art of the sneak. Slowly, stealth like, I approach him with whatever my idea is, one baby step at a time. This takes patience and perseverance on my part, to steadily sneak up on him until the time is right, and then I go in for the kill. It’s grueling work, but in the end it’s worth it!

Here’s how it went down:

ME- “Hey babe, I’ve been thinking. How about we change up our bedroom a little, maybe paint the walls. What do you think?”

Mr. Wonderful- “maybe.”

(Two months later)

Me- “hey babe? Remember me asking you about painting our bedroom?”

Mr. Wonderful- “maybe.”

Me- “well, I’ve been giving it some thought and I think I know what I want, but I’m thinking you may not like it. It’s kinda drastic.mI think it will be beautiful though. I want to paint our room chocolate-brown. What do you think?”

Mr. Wonderful- “Brown?”

Me- “yes, brown”

Mr. Wonderful- “hmmm…”

(Two more months go by)

Me- “hey babe? Remember what we talked about a few months ago? About painting our bedroom brown?”

Mr. Wonderful- “maybe.”

Me- “well, I went to the paint store today and picked out some colors. What do you think?”

Mr.wonderful- “don’t you think it will make our room too dark?”

Me- “nope, because I’m going to paint all of the furniture white.”

Mr. Wonderful- “white?”

Me- “yes, white.”

Mr. Wonderful- “hmmm…”

Ok, so you get the idea. After months of talking about it, he finally painted our room a delicious chocolate-brown.

Here’s my hero in action.

This is one of the pieces I painted with my own home made chalk paint. See the hat box on the left? That is the inspiration for the entire room.

Another piece of inspiration I had for our room was a vision of a grouping of vintage plates and platters above our bed in place of a head-board. I knew exactly what I wanted and couldn’t wait to go on the hunt for them at antique shops and flea markets. The first place on my list was Salvation Army, and boy did I hit the jack pot. From there I went to antique malls, thrift shops and antique store until, one by one, I had collected the perfect combination. The best part was the price. Cheap! The average cost per plate being about $3.00.

After I had gathered all of the plates and platters, it was time to arrange the layout. I gathered them all together and arranged them on the floor, taking pictures each time so I could compare, tweak and change. Here are some examples.



After I had perfected my design, I had to decide how to hang them. I knew I didn’t want to use wire plate hangers so I searched the web for a better way. Here’s what I found.

These are perfect for hanging all sorts of things with no hooks or wires needed. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each, which is more than the plate cost in some cases. At that price I only bought ten. For the rest of the plates I decided to hot glue paper clips to the backs of the plates. I wish I would have know about this idea earlier… it is much cheaper this way and let me tell ya…with this much hot glue, it’s not going anywhere.


Here’s the final product, thanks to Mr. Wonderful for his plate hanging expertise!! He did a fabulous job!


My next project? New counter tops in the kitchen. That’s gonna take a lot of sneakin’ 😉

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