When you have a house full of kids there is always something going on…….usually chaos. There is either laughter or tears, debate or drama, love or hate but NEVER solitude.

Tonight Cassady asked me if she could go outside to the fire pit and burn some old letters (it’s always best to burn the evidence). I told her to ask her dad. He said, “sure as long as you do it now, while I am home.”

She went outside to the back porch with matches in hand. Page by page, she burned them, one after the other. Caleb saw what she was doing and thought it looked like fun so he said, “Mom, can I burn some old notes out of my notebook?’ “Yes”, I said, “After your sister is done.”

A few minutes later Cassady came in. Caleb grabbed his notebook and eagerly went outside to start burning his old papers.

For a while everything was fine until…….

Suddenly Caleb flung open the door. He came stomping in the house and angrily threw his notebook down on the couch. I wondered what had happened to make him so mad. It couldn’t have been Cassady, for once, she was back in her room. Did he burn himself? Was he having a hard time starting thr fire? What happened? Devin and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders in confusion. “What wrong with you?”, I asked. I just burned my homework! That’s what happened!” Devin then said, “what do you mean you burned your homework?” “I accidentally tore out the wrong page and threw it into the fire like an idiot…….now it is gone!

By now he was REALLY mad and Devin and I were biting our lip to keep from laughing. “You mean to tell me that you burned the homework that you worked on for an hour?”, I said. “Yep! Now I have to do it all over again!”, he said.

Well, by now, Devin and I couldn’t hold back the laughter any longer……we lost it! I thought Devin was gonna pass out he was laughing so hard. Caleb just sat there, stunned. ‘You really think this is funny?”

Then Devin said with a serious face …….”You bet I do, that is the funniest thing I have ever heard!” Then, uncontrollable laughter returned once again.

In just a little bit Caleb began to laugh along with us. What else could he do? It was funny! No need to cry over burnt homework……right?

This story will be told at our family reunions for years to come.